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I have just finished typing up some work on an iPad, using Pages, and need to port it to my desktop.

All the apps I have that support files sharing show up in iTunes, as they should. However, not one of them show any files.... not Pages, Numbers, Garage Band, Sketchbook.... they all have files saved within them, but they don't show up.

I searched the forums and found similar problems, but the closest to a solution seemed to be a Windows fix (Run iTunes as Administrator).

I really need this file transferred tonight (no email set up on the iPad in use, so not an option) so has anyone got any ideas? I'm sure I've missed something simple as no files show up....

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    Where are you looking in iTunes? Are you connecting your iPad, selecting it in Devices, selecting the Apps tab, scrolling down to the Pages app under File Sharing?

    If not, do so. If you are looking in the right place try a reset of your iPad. Hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears...about 10 seconds...and try again.
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    I connect it, select the device, select apps, scroll down and then select any one of several apps in the File Sharing window... but in every case, nothing appears in the "documents" window. The add button works, but the "save to" button is greyed out (I suppose it will be until a doc is selected).

    I checked the iPad again, and there docs saved in all the file sharing capable apps. Weird....
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    In Pages did you use the 'Send to iTunes' option?
    In the screen in Pages where you can see all the documents side by side, make sure the document you want to appear in iTunes is the document in the centre of the screen, then touch the left hand box at the bottom of the screen (square with the right pointing arrow in it), then in the popup window select Send to iTunes. You should then be able to see the document in the Pages sections in iTunes.
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    You should try the app DROPBOX. You can sync documents, pictures, and videos all within seconds (videos take a lil longer). I use it to sync stuff to my iPhone, iPad 2, and my Mac. It's great cuz I don't have connect to iTunes every time I wanna transfer pics etc over to my I pad.
    I know someone who does some off his work at home then up uploads work to DROPBOX then goes to work and goes to DROPBOX and downloads it to his comp.
    Just a suggestion for a great app. And no, I'm not a paid advertiser for DROPBOX. I just started using it two weeks ago when I got my iPad 2. Great free app.

    Lil off topic here but is there anyway I can change my handle name? I was just gonna make a quick comment and never thought I'd really comeback. Well, I was wrong. And now I'm stuck with this silly name. Though I do love apple long time.

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    Pages does not support Dropbox. However it does support WebDav. So you can go to http://www.dropdav.com/ and connect your Dropbox to DropDav. Then you can save your Pages documents to WebDav and they will appear in Dropbox.
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    Thanks all. I had forgotten the "send to iTunes" option in Pages.... it seems like a bit of an unnecessary step, but has to be done and it works.

    I'll have to check the other apps and see if you have to do the same there. I hope not.... it will be a real time waster clicking on each and every document to send to iTunes.... it would be nice if it would just appear!! Thanks.
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    I'm having a similar problem. I used to be able to either email my iPad Pages docs to myself, or connect to my Mac and transfer with iTunes. But now the arrow with the "email" option in Pages just isn't there, and when I connect to iTunes and click Apps, File Sharing, and Pages, my iPad Pages docs don't show up. I've also tried restarting the iPad. Anyone have any ideas on what's gone wrong?

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    Never mind. I now realize, like others, that I need to "send to iTunes" first, which seems ridiculous. Also, although there is no arrow in lower left for emailing, as described above, I can email my documents using the Tools menu.