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I just got an iPad 2 and I found out that there is a stuck/dead pixel on the screen. I thought that I could ignore it at the beginning but it just gets too annoying and it grabs my eye when doing anything. So I need to fix it. But first I need to know is it dead or stuck.

On some colors it appeared in two different colors, it changes each time I look at it from different position.

So on white : blue and red
On black : it does not appear
On purple : red and blue
On red : blue and red (so it does not appear)
On blue : black and blue

I hope I gave enough information. Waiting for your help...

P.S. I entered on YouTube and saw a video called stuck pixel fixer or something like that and I opened it for like three minutes each day for about three days now, and it did not fix it, do I need to play it for a specific time? Or do I need something else?

iPad 2, iOS 4, Brand new