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I have a 2.8GHz macbook pro purchased in August 2009 (no longer in warranty). As of a few days ago, flickering green lines (of dots) started displaying in various black ares of the screen. Fully black areas are replaced entirely with the green pixels and follow the ares if moved. Other tones do not seem affected. So, for example, the "Support" tab on this page that is in dark gray does not contain the pixels except at the very top where it is black. Occasionally, some other colors will show up as well, such as orange dots and lines in Red areas.

After cleaning out the bottom in fear of it being caused from overheating, the problem appears to persist. It occurs on either OS (Windows 7 is bootcamped); however, the problem does not appear on an external monitor. I have had a few periods where the dots disappear for some period of time, but they did come back.

As such, it looks like it is a hardware problem that exists somewhere between the laptop and the display. Is this likely to be a connection problem or a problem purely with the display. Replacing the display seems like a costly option.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)