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Have recently moved to France and taken Iphone4 with me.

Wanted to unlock it from O2 so could use in France, filled in the online form and got a text from them yesterday saying 'Your iPhone can now be unlocked. To use a non-O2 SIM card in your iPhone swap it with your existing O2 SIM, connected to iTunes and sync as usual'.

Have done and entered my Orange France SIM, sync'd with iTunes but getting 'Invalid SIM'. Have tried SIM in another French phone and works fine so problem seems to be Iphone related.

When syncing with iTunes, iTunes doesn't seem to notice anything is different and sync's all files, contacts etc as usual but no luck with SIM.

Any help would be hugely appreciated

iPhone4, iOS 4
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    *No one* yet has managed to complete an unlock with O2 unless the iPhone is physically in the UK ,active on the UK network and that does NOT include roaming
    ref O2 iPhone Technical forum

    Looks like you are confirming that finding
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    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your reply.

    There are many shops around my local area in Nice that offer unlocking - would going to these for a 2nd 'unlock' be of any worth or is it just essentially doing the same... nothing?

    If so, the only way round it is to send the phone back to the UK to be unlocked whilst in O2 territory? What a joke if so! What year are we in!?
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    Only the carrier can process an unlocking request ....why...
    because they subsidised the price at original purchase and locking protects their
    Any other offers of unlocking will involve hacking and next time you try to update the iOS will revert to the locked status if it works at all

    try standing opposite to the 7 sisters by Dover and see if you can get a UK signal and make some calls
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    I am experiencing the same problem in the opposite direction. My iPhone is French and allegedly unlocked my my French operator. However, I have tried several times to unlock via iTunes since I got back to the UK and nothing. Do I have to travel to France just to connect to iTunes and unlock the phone? If so, Apple should do something about it, shouldn't they? It doesn't make sense to me. Thanks.