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It is the second week since i got my iphone 4, and unfortunately i had many battery issues. the battery was working just great for the first 2 days, then the iphone just dies if the battery indicator reach 40% or so, when i tried to wake it up an empty battery logo appears in the screen.. sometimes, when it first wakes the battery indicator begin charging form 40% not 0% !! i have checked the statistics of the battery and it seems fine ! the usage is around 7 hours and stand by around 13 hours usually, since last fully charged.

Thank you guys, and Any suggestion is appreciated

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    Update1: i have restored my iphone to factory default, and i tried to reset my iphone by holding down sleep and home buttons simultaneously and let the battery discharged until 0% then fully charge the battery... then i took my friend iphone that is also fully charged and notice the drain of the battery for both devices.. my device battery now is 91% while my friend's is 80% !!

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    Update 2: the battery died while the indicator is at 70% now
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    take your phone back to the store and get a new one..
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    is there any way to fix that at home ?!
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    I would not recommend fixing it yourself at home because that can void warranty if something goes wrong. As recommended, take it to the apple store and have the genius run diagnostic and if they find it faulty, they will replace it, and keep in mind that if you do get it replaced by them that your warranty transfers over and not have to worry about voiding your warranty if you did it yourself.
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    Hi there,


    I've got the same problem as you and I have only been having my phone for about 4-5 months. May I know what was the diagnostic given to you?

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    I also just received my new iPhone 4s and it died on the second day. Was working fine up to the moment I pushed the home button to see what time it was then it went dark. Deader than a doornail. Before it went dark the battery was above 70%. Any idea why other than? It was running iOS 5.1.1 with normal bus apps running in the background- exchange, lync, calendar, juniper, WiFi.


    If h/w related is there a particular serial or build number/range of iPhones I should steer clear of when I go to the store to get this swapped out?



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    someone recommended the following which worked for me.


    if you plug it in a wall oulet and after 10 minutes nothing happens, try a hard reset (home button and on/off button hold together till the apple logo appear) and still nothing, the problem is hardware and you will have to go to the apple store


    in my case it wasn't the battery (thus far).

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    The "power + home" does not solve the problem! It only gets the device to power on “if you’re lucky”. The issue of the phone go off when it's actually have a charge is not solved; the device will do the same again.


    Can anybody or someone from Apple have a solution for this problem, I’ve seen people complain about this problem since early versions of IPHONE and not been solved yet?!. The only solution given was “ POWER + HOME”.

    I’ve had my phone restored several time with just few software installed, and sometimes with just the original restore to eliminate the thread party blame, but the same problem. The iphone just dies if the battery indicator reaches 40% or so, sometimes 70%. When I tried to wake it up an empty battery logo appears in the screen.. Sometimes, when it first wakes the battery indicator begin charging form 40% or so!


    My device comes on if I connected to a PC or a wall charger!.


    I have Iphone4 GSM Version 5.1.1 “no jailbreak”

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    exactly the same problem, Iphone 4 (6.1.2)

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    I've had a 4s for maybe a year and a half and just yesterday it started powering down at 40% battery life. I've implemented a lot of battery saving steps and they do not seem to help much, but the real problem is that either something is causing it to power down incorrectly or something is causing it to register 40% battery when it is nearly dead. Wondering if anyone had any new discoveries since this thread went dark.