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I am making a movie project for my daughter's birthday. The iMovie project is about 6 or 7 minutes and I also just made a "trailer" (as a separate project) in iMovie.
I would like to "combine" the trailer and the movie and put the whole thing on a DVD so the trailer would be the first 60 seconds or so, and then the movie would start but I can't figure out yet, how to do that.
any thoughts?

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    Export the Trailer using Share to Media Browser at the highest setting available. Import the shared file to an Event (File>Import>Movies) and then drag it to the start of your main birthday project. Now the two movies will play seamlessly as one movie.

    Note that to locate the shared movie, in Finder (multi-column view), go to your User (Home) folder and click on the Movies folder then iMovie Projects. Right-click (or Control-click) on the name of your project (that's the Trailer) and select "Show Package Contents" from the pop-up menu. Now click on Movies - you will see the exported Trailer with a name like large.m4v, medium.m4v, 720p.mov or similar.

    Rather than using "Share to Media Browser", you can also export (share) the Trailer using "Export using QuickTime" then "Movie to QuickTime Movie". Choose the Option "Apple Intermediate Codec" (AIC). Leave all other presets as the defaults. This will probably give you a better quality export than using the Media Browser option, which, in most cases produces a H.264 file (heavily compressed but still good quality).

    Please post back if you need further information about any of this.


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    Now click on Movies - you will see the exported Trailer with a name like large.m4v, medium.m4v, 720p.mov or similar.

    I meant to add that it's best if you copy the movie from within the Package Contents folder, then paste it to the Desktop. It's important not to move things from Package Contents folders. You can then import the copy of the exported Trailer from the Desktop to the iMovie Event, as I described. Following that, it's OK to trash the Desktop file, as it will now reside in the iMovie Events folder.

    Note also that, if you use "Export using QuickTime" you can nominate where the shared file is to be located, for example, the Desktop or any folder of your choosing.

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    I have just tried to do this but I can't pull the trailer to the start of the project - it just pings back. I have copied it to the desktop and followed your instructions but it won't drag in.

    Do you know why this might be please?