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I recently purchased an iPad2, my first iPad, and I also own an iPhone4, and an iTouch; all that I sync via iTunes from one Windows7 computer. The problem that I have when syncing my iPad is, all of my Apps load onto it when syncing, those exclusively for the iPad along with those for the iPhone/iTouch. I would like to eliminate all non-iPad Apps from loading/syncing when I sync my iPad.

What's the best way to sync & load only iPad Apps without cluttering my iPad with those iPhone/iTouch Apps?

When syncing my iPhone/iTouch with iTunes, I want those Apps to load & sync,... none of my iPad seem to sync/load automatically because my iPad is not connected to sync.

Alienware Aurora, Windows 7, iPhone 4(32), iPad2 (WiFi), iTouch 32G
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    I had the same problem. I had to reset my IP2 to back to factory default. I then went into Itunes after I connected the new IP2 and changed the setting to manually sync. Then I went and changed each category (tab) for the IP2 in Itunes after I was doing the manual sync (apps, music, photos etc.) Now I can just select what I want to load on my IP2. Hope that helps.
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    You will want to sync manually rather than automatically.

    When your iPad is connected to your computer and you have iTunes open and running, simply select only the apps that you want to sync by selecting or deselecting (checking or unchecking the boxes) next to the apps that you want on each device. Select the Apps tab at the top of iTunes and under the Sync Apps heading in iTunes, you can even sort your apps by iPad, iPhone, iPad and iPhone, etc.

    Just pick and choose which apps you want to sync to each device. I have an iPad and three iPod Touch devices that I sync using the same computer and iTunes library and each device has it's own content.

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