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CKlomp Level 1 Level 1
My iPad WiFi was working until this evening when suddenly it couldn't sense any networks. I have tried resetting iPad, restarting router, downloaded all updates for iPad, reset all network setting and even RESET ALL SETTING (where I lost all downloaded apps and settings) and still nothing. It doesn't see any networks.

I tried manually entering my network Name and password and it says "Could not scan for wireless networks". What does that mean.

I am new to apple and iPad. I have three PCs in the house which haven't experienced any network issues and are currently working fine.

iPad, iOS 4, none
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10

    iPad - Wi Fi troubleshooting help here.

  • CKlomp Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry to say I went through this entire list of troubleshooting steps multiple times. No help. iPad still does not sense any networks.
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    Hey, I also have this same problem with my iPad. It worked fine on 04/09/11 and then on 04/10/11 it would not recognize my network. I also went through all those troubleshooting steps with no luck (Airplane mode, WiFi on and off, rest the iPad, reset network settings, and a couple of others). I have change all sorts of wireless settings on my Airport Extreme, created a guest network, and created a hidden wireless N network, all with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise it is off to the apple store tomorrow.
  • CKlomp Level 1 Level 1
    Took iPad to Apple Store this evening. They tried everything, including reinstalling firmware. Couldn't make it work and gave me a brand new one (mine was only 24 days old). They were very helpful. Good luck
  • vincent_xpos Level 1 Level 1
    Does your network use VLAN tag?
    I found that the problem was due to VLAN tag on the network although I do not have a solution.

    The iphone3GS (OS version 4.3) is connected to wireless access point of our office network.

    It hangs after sometimes (after 10mins to a few hours). Need to off and on the iphone wifi and it work again.
    Found that the 'hang' problem only occur when the iPhone is connected to wireless access point that is connected to a LAN port with a set VLAN tag (802.11q).
    The iPhone will not hang if the LAN port has no VLAN tag setting (or have setting removed).
    Tested same thing happens with iPhone4 and iPad as well. Same result.

    Does anyone have any advice for this problem?
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    I have the exact problem Rodney described. It works for a while and then it will not connect to the internet. This started to happen more often in the last few weeks. Resetting the router or power off and on the iPAD will work, but after idle for a while, the same problem will reappear. I do believe this is something Apple iPAD team should look into seriously. It appeared to be an iPAD issue and not a router one. This makes the iPAD not desirable to use.

    This happens multiple times within a single day usage.
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    I received my iPad last Nov and it has been working fine. I was on the web 13th April then on 14th I could not access the internet. The iPad is not even scanning for a connection. I am currently on my laptop typing this message - it is WiFi connected - working fine.
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    After reading the other posts about this problem, should I be looking for a repairer? I have tried all the recommended fixes to no purpose.
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    if you have tried to reset network settings, and you can't scan at all you should bring it to an apple store. your unit sounds like it is busted, and they may replace it for you
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    Try do the "Forget Network" thing from WiFi detail screen. Then research for the WiFi and enter the WEP again. It work for my device.