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This isn't a question, but a way to copy GPS coordinates to other photos:

Say you have a camera that does not have GPS module on it, but your iphone does. So on your vacation you take 1 photo with your iphone at key locations to save the coordinates of the area where you'll do alot of shooting. You import your photos with iphoto and import your photos from your iphone and merge the events.

1) Locate your key photo with the coordinates in iphoto and select it.

2) File->reveal in Finder - FInder opens with the photo selected

3) Open with preview.app

4) In preview: Tools->show inspector-> click the "i" info button, then click the "gps" button then click the "locate button on the bottom left of the window

5) A browser window opens up with google with the coordinates in the search bar, copy and paste that into all the photos you want to tag with that location

I hope that helps anyone else.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)