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I experience consistent problem connecting my family's and my company's several iPods and iPhones to an otherwise flawless wifi router (wpa2-aes). Connection drops regularly and it is necessary to turn wifi on the device off and on to reconnect. All other computers and devices than these connect without any problems.

Having scanned various sites on the internet this seems to be a problem experienced similarly by a great number of people worldwide. Therefore I am quite surprised that Apple neither acknowledges nor addresses the problem.

This does not adhere with Apple's service and quality standards.

iPhone, iOS 4
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    I'm not sure if you have a question or not from your post but, If you are having problems with multiple devices (iPod Touches and iPhones) on your router, then it likely has problems regardless of whether some other devices appear to work with it. Look for a firmware update for your router or replace it.

    It would help if you identified the make/model/version of your router.

    Don't put too much stock in what you read on the Internet. There are 10s of millions of iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones out there. Some people are always going to have problems of one sort or another.

    By the way, this is a user-to-user forum you aren't addressing Apple here.
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    I completely empathise with you on this one!

    I have an iPhone and several iPods and I love the products, but there is a very disturbing trend with Apple, Apple Support and even, dare I say it, some Apple devotees, to refuse to acknowledge when there are problems.

    I had been having huge problems for several months with FaceTalk on my iPhone disconnecting every couple of minutes, which was very frustrating. I Googled the problem and found that many other people were having the same problem as me on iPhones, iPods and iPads. No one seemed to offer a solution that worked. (I downloaded the latest operating system for my iPhone and nothing changed.) I then discovered this site and put up some posts but got no answer. I went into the Apple shop in Regent Street, advised them of the problem and, typically, the Apple sales guy looked puzzled, said he had never heard of such a problem and suggested I ought to be looking at my router. He suggested I book an appointment with the help team but I just had a sinking feeling that I would get more of the same. So I did what I perhaps should have done in the first place and went to the Vodaphone shop where I acquired my iPhone (Oxford Street). I got one of their technical guys and his approach was so refreshing. Unlike Apple people, who tend to hear the problem and immediately look for causes to point to that are anywhere but within the Apple product/software itself, he applied his mind in an unbiased way and suggested some possible solutions that he thought might work. He suggested I **disable 3G, Mobile Data and Bluetooth**, basically anything which might seek to kick me out of wifi, and try that....and he was right! That seemed to be the problem. My iPhone kept losing its wifi connection because something else, I think 3G, was wanting to take over. There was nothing at all wrong with my router or my wifi connection, as had been suggested by many on the Internet and in the Apple shop.

    If someone wants to tell me this is well known and I should have done it then fine, +mea culpa+. But no one has said that so far. Equally if I am speaking complete rubbish then please advise me. All I know is that myy FaceTalk is now working again and I am happy. But not entirely happy. I now have to remember to turn on 3G and Mobile Data when I have finished with FaceTalk. Should I really need to be doing this in order for my FaceTalk to work? To my layman's mind no, I don't think I should. FaceTalk should be working without me having to disable 3G and Mobile Data.

    Where the problem is I have no idea, and I suspect I will never find out. Maybe one fine day another update for my iPhone will be issued and the problem with mysteriously disappear into the ether, never to be heard or spoken of again.
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    Or maybe that should be FacTime!
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    Or even FaceTime....
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    What you are experiencing could be a problem with your iPhone hardware itself or, more likely, your router. Turning off 3G is only masking a problem. (wifi is interrupted and your phone switches to 3G which interrupts Facetime). I'd guess that you most likely have a router problem. I can't see why you now think that you have no router problems. Note that an intermittent router glitch will cause the iPhone to switch to 3G. You may only notice this with FaceTime since it does not function with 3G.

    You may be coming down on Apple support a bit hard since you didn't even give them a chance by booking an appointment with their technical support people.

    If you mentioned what router you have (make/model/version) and how it is configured that would help. Checking for a firmware update for your router is advisable. What else is going on through your router? Have you checked for sources of WiFi interference? (other networks, cordless phones, microwaves, etc.) Does FaceTime work at other network locations?
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    Thanks for your reply.

    FaceTime started going wrong for me about 2 or 3 months ago I believe. My BT router had never had any problems before then. I then got a new BT router, a Homehub2, and the problem remained exactly the same. I saw posts on the Internet about checking firmware and router settings and I did all of that and it made no difference.

    I didn't give Apple Support a chance because (a) I could not be bothered to wait several days to see someone and (b) Apple staff just really put me off with their general approach of "wow we have never heard of a problem like that before" (contrast what I have read on the Internet and here) and "there must be something wrong with your router or your Internet connection". Contrast that with the unbiased advice I obtained from Vodaphone which, alone out of all the advice I have been given, has worked and given me FaceTime back again. Frankly, I cannot be bothered to carry on playing around with my router. It and the one before it have never given me any problems in terms of connecting my laptop to the Internet, which is its main function; I don't want to put that at risk.

    However, if I can find the time I might just give Apple support a go and see what they say. If there is something wrong with the phone itself I think I am still in warranty. Is the basic warranty one year?

    Thanks again.