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Well, I must say that I am really disappointed with the current 2011 Macbook pro lineup. This was my first Mac, I must say that I was really excited to finally own one. As I started using it, I noticed how hot the laptop was getting and how loud the fans were. While I was typing a simple E-mail, my palms were getting really hot and was a very uncomfortable feeling. I've been around friends who have own previous models and all have been very quiet and also fairly cool.

I started to get curious so I started reading the temps and it was a staggering 90c degrees! This was just while web browsing, having iTunes loaded and just doing normal day to day stuff. I immediately went online and did a Google search for "2011 Macbook Pro Overheating". I come to find out that it is a common problem. What was most disappointing to me was the fact that Apple is fully aware of this problem and has disabled Turbo Boost on the 13.3" Core i7 while running Bootcamp. So technically speaking, your better off buying the Core i5 model as it will run faster.

I decided to return the laptop, I feel it's deceiving to buy a product that really doesn't perform at it's full potential (It's like buying a Ferrari and only be able to go 60MPH). My batter life was also terrible, I was lucky if I got 3.5 hours under normal web browsing. I think this had a lot to do with the fact that the fan kept spinning at full speed every 2 minutes.

I hope this post doesn't come off as a flame, but rather constructive criticism on Apple's design to improve their products. I truly believe that Apple needs to redesign their Macbook Pro lineup to accept modern processors that run a lot hotter compared to when the Macbook Pro was first introduced. The fact that it has no ventilation in the bottom like every computer out there poses a huge problem with newer processors. I understand the aesthetics portion of the design, but I would much rather have a few small vent holes to keep the processor running cool and maintain a longer life for the hardware.

Lastly, before anyone say's that I got a "defective" one I want to say that this was my 2nd 2011 Macbook Pro as the first one was returned due to the same problems. Here is my video of my experience - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_azMBStJnY

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Hi, I own the new 13 inch i7 MacBook Pro and one of my friend had an 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo from last year. I've been noticing louder noises the fan produces, but never had any overheating problems. And I am very impressed with the battery life — normal day-to-day use lasts about 12 hours.


    Well the truth is turbo boost on all models have been disabled by bootcamp, not just the 13.3" i7. So the Core i5 theoretically performs worse.

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    A couple of questions:


    1. Did you do any troubleshooting, if so what exactly?


    2. Did you install the SSD or did you buy a machine that had the SSD pre-installed?

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    Download smcfan control, this will help you adjust the fans RPM for your activity. 90 degrees on a macbook pro isnt that uncommon due to the small form factor case and such, But once it reaches those degrees the fans should be kicking in and a decrease of temperatures should occur


    Good luck!

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    Hi, I don`t have MPB 13 but have MBP 15 i7 2.2 (2011). Just for fun tried your test with HD video from youtube. Maximum temperature was 70 using Flash, and 45 when Flash is disabled. Actually I`m not using flash in my Safari, because flash always increase heating of any computer. Try to disable flash, maybe it will help with your problem. I`m using clicktoflash extension for Safari for example...

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    Flash has always been an issue with Mac, try running a different browser or otherwise. I don't believe 75 degrees is bad when using flash whilst surfing the web

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    I own MBP 2011 15", 2.3 i7 + SSD. I can confirm that machine overheats badly. I have tried 3 machines "out of the box", brand new. All of them do overheat.


    Problem #1: poor apple software (fan controller). Resolution: Fan Controller app.


    Problem #2: Poor design of computer bottom.

    Computer inner temps do stay at acceptable levels.(idle: CPU~50C, GPU~45C, LOADED: CPU~75-85C, GPU~70-80C) The problem is when the CPU is at 60C, the bottom of computer is at 50C. This is ridiculous I know. But I tested several machines. All show the same issue. Aluminum bottom transport heat directly to your lap. Someone could say such thermal design flaw is not possible with Apple company, but I would say - look at iPhone 4. Antenna flaw was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen from such a big company. I have this device. Very nice, beautiful device, but as a phone it's just awful. SO, yes, Apple IS able to make such mistakes. And they did it one more time as you see.

    Resolution: buy another laptop, otherwise get used to this.


    However, palm rest area stays relatively cool all the time, even during stress tests as well as inner core temperatures are absolutely acceptable. Intel and ATI have done a great job.


    The bottom line is: is it very sad to see such flaws in Apple products every time, especially for the price (my MBP is $3100), but I tried so many laptops on a market, and MBP is the best so far.


    Alienware by the way is absolute trash and huuuge in size. Very poor craftmanship.


    With Apple at least you see and feel what you pay for.

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    What does SSD have to do with temperatures? Do you think it may affect it somehow?

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    I went into an Apple Store this weekend with an overheating problem. The top of my macbook pro, above the F keys and underneath the macbook pro in the same place were overheating within 5 minutes of the machine being turned on. Much hotter than I've experience before and I couldn't work with it on my lap as it was too hot to stand.

    They carried out some checks; all fans and other hardware was working ok and within normal parameters. They finally went into Utilities > Activity Monitor to view what was running. For some unknown reason my Dock was running at 100% CPU usage and had been for some weeks. They tried changing some settings but it didn't resolve the problem. Then they reapplied the latest OS update and the Dock CPU utilisation went below 1% and now no overheating problems since.

    Very impressed with the support from Apple. Thank you Apple Store Solihull, UK.

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    I am having a similar problem. Bought MacBook Pro 17" 16 months ago and after about 9 months, routinely, daily, but no particular time I got a black screen suddenly.


    (This is running Windows 7 all the time.)


    So daily it has been doing this except for a 3 week visit to Europe ... weird.  Yet while in Europe no change in usage. Software or hardware. Except that in US I have it plugged often into a bigger monitor. And sometimes have lid closed but not for the past month while being back.


    Return to US and within 2 weeks, suddenly black screen of death anytime during the day, keyboard in use or not.


    Called Apple finally yesterday ... they need to know if it happens under Apple IOS.  No idea.  So for 1 1/2 days ran Apple and did nothing!  No black screen.


    But what I have noticed is that when it does go black the bodyis HOT!!!  Especially between the screen hinge and F keys to the left. 


    Today I did two more things ... installed gotomypc to see if when it goes black if the laptop is functional, just dead video.  I will try to remote in when it goes "dead".


    Also I put a load of coins on the laptop where it gets hot to absorb the heat and do they ever!


    One thing ... the first time I ever saw this black screen symptom it RECOVERD after 3-4 seconds and gave off an error message like

    “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” error.


    So based on researching this, it sounds like the video card needs replacing OR a driver update OR a bath in cold water?

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    Meant to add ... is there a way, say, under Windows 7 to force the fans on?


    There are times when I HAVE heard the fans go crazy and others when they are silent.