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I have problems with my new ipad 2 when my iPad cover lock is On. I have a smart cover which normally works perfectly fine when I open and close the cover. Sometimes, actually often, when I am on Internet holding my iPad the screen just turns off and on by itself without closing or opening the cover. I noticed it happens often when I keep my thumbs on the black frame of the iPad while holding it. Does anyone have the same problem? Should I take it back to the store?

iPad 2, iOS 4, With smart cover
  • David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6 (9,300 points)
    *Check this setting.*
    *Go to Settings... General and check the auto lock setting and set to never or to a setting you like...*

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    thankyou David, I will try and put the auto-lock to NEVER and see if it works. Mine was set to two minutes. If this is the problem it is obviously a bug which must be resolved, I think it is very useful to have the auto-lock!
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    Be aware that any magnet will turn the iPad 2 off or on when in the vicinity or just below the volume buttons, even without actually touching the iPad 2.
    iPad Cover Lock / Unlock needs to be obviously on.
  • Apfelwurm Level 4 Level 4 (1,700 points)
    I also have Auto-Lock set to 2 minutes and have not experienced any issues there yet.
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    I thought I had resolved the problem just by putting the auto-lock to NEVER, but the ipad just keeps locking and unlocking on its own again. I even restored it to factory settings twice, a totally clean ipad! Tons of hours wasted without resolving the problem. I guess I'm the only one having these problems and will have to take it to the apple store and get it changed.
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    I have the same problem, with my iPad 2 randomly auto locking by itself. I've also set the auto lock to never but it still keeps happening very often. What have you done about this problem? Did you take it back to the apple store? Have they changed it?

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    I actually haven't resolved the problem yet. I have to find the time to go to an apple store an try explaining the problem since it's something that doesn't happen always. Sometimes it actually works fine for days and all of a sudden it starts locking. I'm not sure they will believe me unless it happens in front of them.

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    The good news is you are not alone, i own my ipad in early june, i face this problem - randomly lock while in use;safari,you tube and it *****! I thought at first theres something to do with setting, try to troubleshoot - turn autolock to never, resstore; nothing make difference. So what should i/we do next? Im from asia (malaysia), and i buy it online. Hopefully somebody can provide solution to this matter. Im gonna call the store tomorrow.

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    Hello Sam. I have resolved my problem by going to the apple store and changing it. My iPad had several problems and that was just one of them. I am pretty sure that it is a good enough reason to change it, but it obviously has to show up when you are at the store. I got a new one the following day and everything went well. Good luck!

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    Sadly we dont have physically apple store, btw i just discover the root of the problem, i completely remove my ipad cover (built in magnet front cover) and i replace with bottom cover. Most problem the magnet in the front cover would affect the lock/unlock screen even though you flip the cover to the back ipad. Hope this tips would help our community to resolve lock randomly issue :-)

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    Hi all, thank you for all your posts.  I have the same issues with my "new" iPad.  I have taken it to the "geniuses" and was told they could find nothing wrong it and they would make a note incase it keeps happening.  I even told them that it was likely an issue with the cover lock feature as I had turned the setting off and that seemed to resolve the problem.  Still, I was told they couldn't do anything about it as they could find nothing wrong and it didn't happen while I was at the appt.  It seems to take a little while to start going to sleep randomly after turning the lock feature back on.  So I am going back to another genius appt. today in hopes it will happen while I'm there.  Also, it doesn't seem to happen if I'm not holding it, so motion has something to do with it.

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    This reply is to sam raymi, how did you successfully get rid of this problem? do I just need to completely take out the magnets or what?

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    I found taking the magnetic cover totally off the iPad solved the problem.

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    Dont use any accessories to your Ipad