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tismeinaz1 Level 1 (0 points)
About a week ago my iPod classic stopped playing some videos downloaded via iTunes. I don't seem to have an issue with MSNBC TV shows or Kelby Training videocasts like PhotoshopUser TV. But for some reason - the TED Talks, Terra, and Adobe (Terry White), etc. are there but when I click on the video to watch - I get a black screen and then it goes back to the list of unwatched shows. I tried the simple reset and the restore to factory settings. Doesn't seem to make any difference that I can see.

iMac 2.8g 24" / Macbook pro 2.4g / Various iPods, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • tismeinaz1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Let me udate my previous post. I was able to open and start watching a Kelby TV show before I typed my message but now it is doing the same thing as the others. Blank screen and then the menu slides back into place.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. New TEDtalks and others will not play, but previous downloads did.
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    I think I'll be taking it to the genius bar. Last night I loaded all those videos and movies, I could not access on the classic, onto my touch and they all worked. So it isn't iTunes or the videos - it is the classic. The reason I bought the classic was so I could have everything on one iPod. My iPod photo does not do video and the touch can't hold the videos, music and apps.
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    I am having the exact same problem with video podcasts. In fact, I was also trying to watch the TED videos and they are not working. Same black screen and then back to the menu. Please let me know what you find out.

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    The difference of screen sizes and aspect ratios accout for why the podcasts play on specific devices.

    The following menu item is designed to convert to a size and apect ratio compatabile for all devices:


    Advanced>Create iPod or iPhone version.


    Keep in mind this creates a new file of the media, resulting in duplicates and the new file will not nessicarily contain all the proper ID3 tagging.


    frequently media ends up in the "Movie" catagory and requires a change of Media Type.



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    My classic was still under warranty and they gave me a new one saying it sounded like a bad hard drive.  Got home - loaded it and still have the problem.  These are not home made videos.  They are downloaded from iTunes and are in Mpeg4 format.  They download to the iPod but won't play - the screen goes blank and then the menu comes back.  I watched MSNBCs Rachel Maddow show fine.  Tried to watch the recently downloaded Ted Talks and movies I had watched previously and now ...nada, zilch. 

    ITunes is fine - I can watch everything there.

    Touch is fine - I can watch them all there.

    Classic - been reset and restored and replaced - can't watch videos I used to be able to watch. 


    It sounds like one of the iTunes updates messed up the coding for the Classic.  I have seen some posts online that talk about getting sound but no video or people not being able to download to their Classic at all. 

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    I have the same problem with my iPod Classic too (nb. which I prefer to use for podcasts - compared to my iTouch).


    I did notice that the TED videos that do not play are 46 kbps.


    Note if it fails once it will fail on all videos until you reset the iPod (holding down up and the centre button for a few seconds). This makes it hard to find the problem because once triggered it relates to all videos (podcasts).


    I did notice that the 95 and 97 kbps TED talks worked.


    You can see the difference in iTunes by selecting "Bit Rate" as a new column.


    Is this real or just an anomaly on my system?

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    iPotential... yes, I can confirm. I loaded 2 Ted videos that were 95 kbs and they both played fine. I then played one that was only 46 kbs and it would not play, went black and then back to the menu. Once I had played the 46 kbp one neither of the 95 kbs one's would play. Exactly as you stated.


    Does anyone have a solution for this? "Create iPod version" did not do the trick.



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    Same problem here;

    Ted-casts play only once, and thereafter none of the video podcasts or regular video's will play, untill reset.

    In a way I'm glad to see the same problem noted recently by others: hence it must be a firmware update that cayses it.

    So, what about it ?

    Is it possible to return to a previous firmware version ? I reset my ipod (takes hours to reload 120GB) but that didn't solve the problem.

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    I have the same problem.  I guess there's a club.  TED videos, and TV shows I've purchased used to view great, but they stopped very recently.  I have noticed that once in a while a TED will work.  I've left the iPod connected to the USB port on my computer over night.  In the morning, just before leaving for work I'll check a TED and it will appear to work.  Then later in the day when I try to view the same video during my lunch hour it will not start.  This has happened a couple of times which makes me think it has something to do with the battery.

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    Same problem here. Searching for alternative solutions now. Will post if I find anything useful...

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    Darn.  I thought I clicked on yours as the correct answer but accidentally hit the one before.  Anyway - after reading your email I downloaded podcasts which included MSNBC, Adobe and Ted Talks.  I watched the MSNBC and Adobe videos fine.  The Ted Talks video bombed.  I then tried to watch the other two again and they bombed.  I reset the classic and then those two would play again. 


    This is just weird.  I would say there is something wrong with the Ted Talks video but it plays on the iTouch.  Does the classic need a firmware update?  I hope an Apple Tech person reads this thread and gets something going. 

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    Same thing here... my classic (160) has been working fine for years with TED talks, and a ton of other video podcasts... but stopped since my sync a week or so ago.  It works fine for audio podcasts and all the other content.


    In a video podcast (e.g. TED or youtube favorites), even in ones that I have previously viewed with no problem.  The screen goes black.  Then, if I let it, the audio sounds like I am flipping radio channels (intermittent bursts of audio), and the  text on the top of the screen indicates that it is flipping through the entire contents of that podcast group.


    It works fine on computer and on my phone (which has too little space to really use for this purpose).


    Let me know if you sort it out.


    I did try: restarting my ipod completely (several times), resyncing without the podcasts then adding them back.  Neither of these efforts fixed the problem.


    I have also noticed that it may take a few times of connecting my ipod to my computer before it is recognized (requiring a disconnect and reboot).

    Until recently, this little guy has been very stable - not happy about these new developments.

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    try resetting your ipod to factory settings. it seems to have worked for me

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