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Keeping track of citations is a cumbersome and time-consuming process, which is why reference managers like EndNote are very useful. Unfortunately, while EndNote integrates very well with Microsoft Word, the integration with Pages is nearly as cumbersome as putting in references by hand.

1) If you edit a reference in EndNote (say, fix an incorrect journal title), the change does not appear in Pages. To change your references, you must delete and reinsert the reference each time it appears, which is extremely cumbersome.

2) If you edit a bibliography style in EndNote, you must quit both EndNote and Pages before the changed style will be available in Pages. Again, this is far below Apple's stated standards for ease of use.

The issue is not with EndNote, it is an interoperability problem that Pages needs to address. See e.g. http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-How-To/How-to-update-bibliography -s-on-Pages-09/td-p/6265

For this reason, for anyone writing a paper with lots of references Microsoft Word beats Pages hands down, which is unfortunate because Pages has a lot of other advantages over Word. If you agree, please comment on this post and hopefully we can get Apple's attention.

Mac OS X (10.6.7), Pages '09
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    You will maybe get Apples attention if you give them the feed-back. I am only an end user like you and can't do a thing about it except giving you the link _http://www.apple.com/feedback/pages.html_
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    Having had the same problem at the start of this academic year - the reference managers my university provided - Refworks and Endnote were't available for me to use with pages.

    There are 2 reference managers i looked into purchasing which are mac based - Sente and Bookends which have an excellent user interface and from what i've seen of my friends using Refworks and Endnote are far more user friendly.

    I opted for the student version of Sente in the end as it was cheaper than Bookends, it has made my reference management a breeze and is fully compatible with Pages.

    Hope this helps

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    I completely agree, developers were just downright lazy for not setting this up correctly the first time. Also, don't forget if you have one of three "merged" citations, (i.e. blah blah blah [21-23]), and want to correct just one, you have to delete all three and reinsert all three, this is the last thing I want to spend the next two hours doing.


    I know that program Papers (think itunes for your articles/pdfs) just came out with their second version, and it has citation capabilities, I would be very interested to hear other's experiences with it.  For now, my disseration is stuck with Endnote and this is completely sad/frustating, happening all too often these days with more and more Apple products. Why can't they just come out with Pages'11 and fix these F ups.

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    This is a serious problem, and I'm really out of patience with it.  Apple, if you fix this, you will greatly improve the quality of life for many, many academics (disproportionately Mac users) who just want to write good papers and share their research - not waste hours reinserting citations 800 times (which sometimes doesn't even fix the problem, as I've had updated journal titles that never insert correctly).  Because Apple's software lacks reasonable functionality to do this, it forces us to use competitors' products.


    I really don't know how to stress how important this problem is, and how glad I am that people are making comments about it.


    And while we're at it, could the new version of Pages PLEASE include an easy way to insert continuous line numbering?  I have submitted this request before on the main Pages board, but increased exposure is always good.  This is an incredibly small functional improvement that is absolutely imperative for anyone submitting manuscripts for publication, and I am quite frankly shocked that this was overlooked in the creation of Pages 09.  It seems incredibly unwise for Apple to alienate their academic user base over such small programming changes like line numbers and EndNote compatibility.

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    Not to get too off topic, but I have to say I laughed at their "work around" for line numbers:




    I really can't believe it, clearly not cumulative either.  I was really fighting tooth and nail to not do my disseration in Word, but now it looks like my manuscripts for publication will have to be, so sad. Though, I remember all too well that Numbers didn't even have error bars until the '09 version, effectively rendering it useless to all scientists. Clearly, the development team doesn't have other professionals on their mind.

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    Endnotes works with Pages.

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    It would help if a 'refresh bibilography' functionality was created. I imagine this would work like the 'Update Fields' functionality in that other, well-known word processing package whose name I won't mention here. If you could select the Endnote Bibliography and press F9, and have it go through and re-compile the bibliography, presumably it would pick up any edits you had made to the Endnote library since the first insert.

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    The functionality of Pages 09 conpared to Mac Word is absolutely dismal. No one should use Pages 09 for any serious research paper writing unless they have hours to kill. Either Endnote and pages should work together to achieve the seamless integration that is achieved with Word or else should stop falsely advertising that Pages is supported in EndNote

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    I just want to contribute by saying that the University I am working at doesn’t offer Pages as a software tool for scientific writing. Although I would be interested in implementing iWorks at our section (I am responsiblefor the software solutions my section offer), the poor citation management system and reading about the continuous line numbering issue makes me cautious and reluctant towards implementing Pages at my section.


    I do hope that Apple at some point would offer a version of Pages that could be used for scienitific writing. Mainly because Pages runs increadibly smooth compared to Word, which seems to be alittle sluggish when running on the less powerfull Macs.

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    Just adding another voice to the discussion. I am trying to move away from Word and use Pages more and more. But the clunky interface between Pages and Endnote is frustrating. Please, please, please Apple. You got rid of iWeb. That was bad enough. Now please support those of us who support you, and make it easy to use your products in the literary world.

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    wow, it's been a while since someone brought this up, I gave up hope on Endnote, but I should say I've been using Papers' citation function for the past year and in general I've been quite happy with its functionality with Pages. Just hit 'control' twice, a window pops up that you can search for a citation in your library using any key words, hit 'enter' twice and citation is inserted. The only weird/not so thrilled about part is formatting the citations is that last step and copied document is created (i.e. no real-time updates like cite while you write). Though, given all the issues pointed out here with Endnote, it's very minor in comparision.

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    Guys, if you have opinions about Pages and Endnotes give both Apple and the producers of Endnotes feedback. http://www.apple.com/feedback/pages.html

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    Totally in agreement with you here. I much prefer Pages and I wrote my masters thesis on Pages. That was before the OS X and I was using Pages '08 and EndNote6. I am about to embark on my doctoral thesis and I have updgarded to OS X 10.9.2, Pages 5.1and EndNote 7 and they don't work anymore. And I hate Word but looks like I may have to use it until Apple can fix the problem. 


    I have written to Apple abouto this as fruhulda suggested.


    Let's hope they'l do something about it.

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    Why not just use Pages '09? You seem to have it.


    Is your thesis on Rocket Science?