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  • atomicelroy Level 2 Level 2

    ( sorry) Pluging it in USB, starting FCPX and going to File/Import fromCamera and getting he built in cam.



  • atomicelroy Level 2 Level 2

    my own work around is import via Aperture and import files into FCPX

  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 Level 10
    Mac OS X

    You do not import DSLR media using the import from camera function. The media is already in QuickTime. You simply import either from the camera or the archive, and optimize or not on import as you choose.

  • The Knight Poet Level 1 Level 1

    There are 105 pages in this thread alone filled with various opinions regarding FCPX (among other things). You'll find other FCPX-related assessments posted elsewhere. Read and learn. Then if you deem it appropriate, buy FCPX and perhaps let others know about your experiences with it.


    I'd also recommend that you visit Canon's website (to read and learn) because although you say that "the T3i which is exactly the same camera" as the "Canon T2i", Canon's website has a different view (and that was ascertained after a quick review of their specs). And even in the absence of such compelling evidence supplied by the camera's manufacturer, does it seem logical to you that two cameras with different model numbers would be exactly the same and if so, why have two different model numbers in the first place (not to mention a variance in the suggested retail price)?


    Check out the "HELP ME" episode of "HOUSE, M.D." (Season 6, Episode 21) that according to the director on the commentary track was shot exclusively with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Since I can't afford any of Red's digital cameras (without some venture capital), I've been looking more closely at the Canon EOS 5D Mark II as a cost effective replacement (I'll put a Red sticker on it and pretend and save a lot of money). I rented the House DVD recently and I was really impressed with how much the Help Me episode looked to me like it had been shot on film (I think he mentioned using a 50 mm and a 75 mm lens in the closing scene but judging from the exceptionally high quality, I'm guessing it was probably something along the lines of a Zeiss...remember, Garbage In = Garbage Out...fixing it in post should always be secondary to not breaking things when shooting).


    To summarize, since Apple lists the Canon EOS T3i as a Final Cut Pro X supported camera, I think it would be unwise to assume that the Canon T2i is also supported (even if the differences between the two cameras are only minor ones such as only one of them listing "Exif 2.21" as a recording format, for example). I'd highly recommend that you directly confirm support of the exact model of your camera with Apple before proceeding with the next phase of your plan (the one where you start spending more money).

  • ScaryHands Level 1 Level 1

    thanks for advise. I decided to buy T2i but probably I will go for T3i.

  • atomicelroy Level 2 Level 2

    Use DSLR seldom, But thanks, and sorry for the thread bomb.

  • Peter Inova1 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    In any modern image manipulation environment, you NEEEEEED Photoshop. And I believe the Photoshop that's included in that bundle is the much more movie-adept version called Photoshop Extended.


    It won't do editing for you, but it gives you Photoshop on movies. A Must Have ability.


    Premiere seems to be an okay editor, while FCPX is really a stupendous evolution of Final Cut Express. For someone starting out, learning FCPX will get you future jobs while Premiere; not so much.


    That said, After Effects is a wonder. The new Motion can do many of the same things, but it takes a different mental approach, and one that isn't quite as intuitive. Either one will be dauntingly capable for a beginner.


    If I could buy the Adobe bundle at the price you quote, I'd do it. And I already have 12 years of Final Cut pro and now FCPX in my bag.


    But if you want to get into the latest, if not yet the most complete, FCPX and Motion is plenty. But you'll still need to wrangle a student version of Photoshop. Preferably the Extended model.


    Full disclosure:


    I've written an eBook about Photoshop CS 5 Actions. Many of which work movie magic using Photoshop Extended.  More on that, here:

  • Christina Rodriguez Level 4 Level 4

    Peter Inova1 wrote:


    In any modern image manipulation environment, you NEEEEEED Photoshop. And I believe the Photoshop that's included in that bundle is the much more movie-adept version called Photoshop Extended.



    I've resisted posting here until now...


    Anyhow, there's a free program out there called GIMP ( Though I must confess to never have used it... for those without the budget for purchasing Photoshop, it's supposed to be pretty good. I will have to check it out one of these days...

  • ScaryHands Level 1 Level 1

    Gimp is free, but PhotoShop is PhotoShop - I have used both. Basically you can do everything on GIMP, but PhotoShop is much more friendly (for me).

  • christopherfromsan rafael Level 1 Level 1

    I have used FCP since its inception and been a devoted Apple user since 1987. You name it I've cut it drama's, doc's, music videos, industrials, corporate videos, commercials, etc. Apple pull your head out of your *** on this FCPX one please! With less than 1700 units sold as of today, FCPX is officially a bomb! FCPX is iMovie Pro. No self respecting editing professional is just going to accept this. I am Investigating used Autodesk/Discreet Smoke/flame Stone system which I have used broadcast broker connection on ; ) or, perhaps good ole' Avid DS both handle HD and DSLR's in real time just time., seeing is believing!

  • ScaryHands Level 1 Level 1

    I can hardly understand what are you writing about. Could you explain? I mean I understand, but you could write some more. So you think that FCPX is closed project? Won't be more? They made this for Youtubers and gave up with pro market?

  • christopherfromsan rafael Level 1 Level 1

    You have a good point about the Youtubers and giving up the pro market. And since they've let the pro market then I must leave as well. What's your feelings about it, are you jumping in to X?

  • Andy Neil Level 4 Level 4

    christopherfromsan rafael wrote:


    With less than 1700 units sold as of today, FCPX is officially a bomb!

    Just out of curiosity, where are you getting that number?  I think you may be mistaking number of ratings for number of programs sold.



  • Michael Ryan. Level 4 Level 4

    Wow!  Thought I would join the party!!


    OK, if you have ever been on a movie set you will know what I'm talking about.  After the 30th take the actor's lines no longer have any meaning and it just comes out like sounds with no meaning....kind of like this post. 


    In case you haven't noticed this post has lost all meaning and is rolling along like Old Man River (a song that we can discuss, in detail, in a few more days right here on this post).


    Actually, this post does serve one purpose as it might get into some record book for most views.  I suggest we keep it going until it hits 1 MILLION!!!  Now, there's a real purpose with meaning.


    OK, so I have to go now and just for fun I'm going over to the Avid forums and telling all the Avid users there I hate the new Avid update and I'm switching to FCPX.  That will freak them out.


    MIke....remember get going until we hit 1 MILLION!!

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    (a song that we can discuss, in detail, in a few more days right here on this post)
    Yes Miss Leela, no Miss Leela, tote that space barge, lift that space pail!

    I don't think this one will hit 1 mil anytime soon, as we are sure to get distracted by the next new thing to complain about and hence lose interest in this one. I wonder what that will be?