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Hey there,

I've been working with Shake for years, on powerPC G5, then on intel macpros. I've been thru the 10bit PRHQ turned into noise with 4.1.1 update. I finally had a stable usable 4.1.1 version that ran perfectly on a 8core 2008 macpro, running latest 10.5 OS.

I've just bought the double 6core 2010 macpro, that runs 10.6. Shake is even faster, and I can multiply parallel renders, that's really cool.
What's less cool is every time I ask for optical flow module, Shake crashes immediatly.
I have to use older machines to deinterlace or convert footage, and that is really not cool at all...

My question : Is it a problem with OS version, or with hardware ?
I runs smoothly Shake on intel 8core macpro without a single problem, but it is 10.5, and I guess I can't downgrade my 2010 macpro to 10.5...

Is there any workaround ? Will Apple endlessly mute about Shake ? Do I have to simply trash one of the best software ever ?

Thanx for any help,


intel multicore MacPro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 12GB Ram