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Hey guys I got my MBP 2011 around 3 weeks ago. 13' 2.7GHz version + 4GB extra.

I love it and its really quick and all but the thing is it freezes alot of the time. It's really annoying, I get the rainbow circle for like 5 mins and then everything is back to normal.

I tried reinstalling OSX again but that didn't help. I have noticed that it only happens when I use Safari. I tried Opera and it happened with that too just now.

Please help, what shall I do? Shall I take it to apple store?

Thank you

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Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    The spinning beach ball can be caused by many things. You have 90 days of free AppleCare telephone support, I'd recommend contacting them the next time this happens as it's not normal. You can find the phone number either in your owners manual or at: http://support.apple.com/kb/HE57

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    Get your files off and onto a external drive, cd/dvds etc. Don't forget important information like email addresses, bookmarks, product keys in emails, stuff like that.

    Insert the disk that came with your computer and reboot holding c.

    Under a menu is Disk Utility, select your drive and Erase with Zero security option, format HFS+ Journaled. (all data will be gone, but soon to be replaced)

    Going to take a bit, it's going to check the entire drive very completely for any bad sectors and map them off.

    Once that's finished, go ahead and install OS X.

    Reboot and your back to square one, the new machine again.

    Sometimes the factory install doesn't quite go perfectly...this is a "nuke from orbit" approach, is crude and highly effective.

    Here's some great free software, just Google them.

    TinkerTool, Onyx for OS X, ClamXav, Virtual Dj, Cube 2, LibreOffice, Mactracker, Cinebench, Carbon Copy Cloner, TextWrangler (for editing system files easily), VLC, GIMP, AppleJack, Pacifist, VirtualBox, The Unarchiver, Tofu, Perian, iEatBrainz, Thunderbird + Enigmail, KisMAC, XBench, FireFox+ Ad Block Plus, Burn for OS X, Seashore, Audacity.

    Enjoy your Mac, sorry about your trouble!
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    thanks for the help guys. I have already formatted the hdd and reinstalled osx
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    Did that fix your problem ?
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    As I said in my OP, It didn't.
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    Is there a reason you have not called AppleCare?
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    Yeah I just did THe lady told me to go to disk utility and verify something then it showed an error. So she told me to get my OSX disk and told me how to go and repair the HDD error. SO I did now its showing green.

    She said that could have been the problem. I hope so.

    CHeers guys
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    OK so did that solve your problem?
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    Well, I have to wait and see. It doesn't happen everytime. It's random.
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    Ah, so in your OP you reinstalled OS X, but didn't format/repair the drive in Disk Utility first which, although drastic, would have resolved your issue.

    Not your fault really, it's the way Apple laid out the installer, hiding Disk Utility in the menu. They should include the option to "Erase all Data 1x 7x 35x" in the installer itself with a time calculation when it will be finished. (always room for improvement I guess)

    Hopefully the drive was simply fixed with the Repair Disk/Repair Permissions and your issue is now resolved.

    But if problems with your drive continue, it's likely due to data being laid over bad sectors on the drive at the factory, which a backup of user data, Disk Utility erase with Zero and a reinstall of OS X will solve, along with anything else.

    Keep your OS X install disk in a safe place and free of scratches, grime and fingerprints.

    If your looking for a better solution, look at Carbon Copy Cloning your boot drive to a external drive (USB or Firewire) this way, even if your DVD drive or installer disk fails, you can still hold "option" and boot off the external drive and perform repairs and grab your files, or simply reverse clone.

    Good Luck!

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