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When I Press or even Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button the red slider doesnot appear, the IPAD 2 just clicks and screen goes off ( no slide to power off) then when I press it again it comes back on. It seems the ipad is going to sleep mode and not turning off.

I tried the following:
I pressed the sleep/wake button and home button both together, the red slider appears and I was able to turn it off, but I have to do this each time I want to turn it off.

I also tried to reset the ipad ( General > Reset, then tap Reset All Settings) but the problem is not resolved.

Solved by Demo on Apr 14, 2011 5:28 AM Solved
Try the hard reset again. Hold the sleep and home buttons down at the same time BUT IGNORE the red slider. Do not use the red slider to power the device off. Just hold down on both buttons and wait until the iPad shuts off on its own, restarts, and the white Apple logo appears on the screen.

After you do this see if you can turn the iPad off with just the sleep button. You have to hold the button down for a couple of seconds until the red slider appears on the screen.

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