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I noticed that iMovie '09 does not import QuickTime movie formatted files. Does this hold true for iMovie '11 as well? I would think that to keep people from jumping through hoops translating movie files before getting them into iMovie, it would help to use QT natively.

Not everyone has iMovie HD, do they?

It took me 4 moves to get some movies from a camera off a PC into iMovie:
a) Received WMV files from colleague via email attachment
b) Using Flip4Mac Pro/Studio,open in QT and convert the WMV files to QT .mov
c) Place into Adobe Media Encoder CS5 (if I didn't have that, I would be sunk) and export them to m4v
d) Import into iMovie '09 Event Library

Now the fact that QT is not recognized by iMovie makes just as much sense as why Microsoft Word never accepted Microsoft Works files.

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