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My buddy of mine has been having trouble with his iPod.

The main thing is that it just doesn't turn on or respond when I plug it in while having it try to charge.It just doesn't work at all.

I tried pressing home & start button at the same time for a long time but it still won't turn on.

I believe its on the 4.1 iOS.

Iv'ed tried almost everything to try to fix it.It just won't turn on!Please I need help.

Compaq Presario, Windows XP
  • lllaass Level 10 (172,250 points)
    After charging for awhile, try placing the iPod in recovery mode and then restoring it via iTunes. For recovery mode see:
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    I know how to put it into recovery mode.It just won't respond to any command or anything.It acts like its completely dead but looks perfectly fine.It just randomly did this for some reason.I decided to let it charge on my wall charger and see if it does anything by that.I'll try it again after it sits for a while on the wallcharger.
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    There are two possiblities here.

    Either; the iPod's battery is (was) fully drained and that's why it doesn't turn on. In this situation, once it's plugged into power, it will not show any signs of life, possibly for thirty minutes or so. When it does show life, it needs to be left on charge so that it has enough power to run once it's unplugged.

    Or; the iPod is "stuck" doing something and cannot move on until it has finished. (I have no experience of this with my iPod Touch, but it has happened on my Classic.) This "stuck doing something" may mean that the iPod cannot turn the screen on to let you know what it's doing! So by plugging it into power, it has enough power to keep trying to finish what it cannot finish! (Are you still following this?) The solution in this case is to unplug the iPod and leave it alone until it has run out of power. Once that happens, the iPod cannot continue to "try and finish" the task - because it has no power. And when it does get power back, the very first thing it should do is set every switch, ciruit and thingy (a non-technical term, you will notice!) to a known condition, which means it should then work again.

    *To summarise:* if leaving it on charge does nothing, leave it unplugged for a few days (so that the battery drains down fully) and then plug it in to power, wait, and see if it springs into life.

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    your ipod might be BRICKED.....
    Or a HARDWARE problem
    or a software problem
    Jaws may have been the problem
    but who knows maybe the ipod is in need of a full drain and full charge.
    recomend to do that once a month to save the battery life.

    hope i helped.

    p.s. the ipod may not be responsive untill you drain for 2 nights and charge for 2.Wall charger only.