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I have two different computers both of which are partitioned for multiple operating systems (all Mac OS but different versions). I have two external drives dedicated as clone backups. I would like to store disk image clones of each system on a single HD where they could be accessed in the event of catastrophic hard drive failure.

A couple of questions:

1. Can I use disk utility to create a disk image system clone and then restore it from a separate partition or hard drive?

2. Can I use disk utility in, say Leopard, to create the images of the other operating systems WITHOUT having to be logged into them; e.g., while logged onto a Leopard system, can I create a disk image of a Panther system that is not running but located elsewhere on another accessible drive?

3. Can the disk image be restored the same way; i.e., a cloned Jaguar system disk image restored by disk utility in Leopard?

I already use SuperDuper but am having difficulty creating a disk image on a Jaguar system while actually logged onto Jaguar (I keep getting failures with messages about no mountable file system). So, I am looking for a method that might work directly in Disk Utility.

Also, since the hard drives are partitioned, doesn't this obviate an external hard drive for such a purpose? I do keep the externals as bootable clones, but if I want to restore a disk image from a different partition on the same computer, this should eliminate the need for that, right?

Finally, how does one create a restorable disk image from disk utility?

1.5 GHz PowerBook G4 and PowerMac G4, (2 GB RAM, 250 GB HD) OSX 10.5.8
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    Frankly, I see no compelling reason to make disc images instead of plain bootable clones. Disc images cannot be bootable unless restored to a drive. They are inherently risky because they frequently don't restore properly. If you store the disc image on a drive that fails then it's useless. Security is found by having multiple bootable backups on separate storage devices that do not get used frequently, thus reducing significantly any concern over drive failure.

    For compatibility you should use the version of DU that came with the OS version you will clone. Jaguar with Jaguar, Panther with Panther, etc. If convenience is what you want then use the most recent version of DU to clone earlier versions of OS X, but not vice-versa.
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    Hi, Kappy. It is a matter of convenience. It is not hard disk failure that I fear but software failures such as issues with user or file vault accounts that crash the system (just occurred and took BOTH networked systems DOWN, DOWN, DEAD).


    Both computers have separate partitioned drives with some version of Mac OS (Leopard and either Jaguar or Panther). It is simple then to boot into the other drive and restore the system with a disk image stored on some hard drive or partion on the same computer (or from an external cloned system). However, if, as you say, disk images are unreliable, then this presents a different sort of problem.


    I am trying to simplify the restore process. The system on which Jaguar is installed is used only occasionally, so I hate having yet another partition on the external for something so small but, of course, because the OS is so old, it has many updates which are a pain to restore if the system does go down.


    I have been using SuperDuper to create the clones and sparse image backups. But, as you suggest, how would I go about creating a Jaguar clone from Leopard's disk utility, if I am not signed into Jaguar since, obviously, if I am logged in (on OS X 10.2.8) I will not have access to Leopard's disk utility.


    Thanks for your help.

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    Have you thought of cloning using Carbon Copy Cloner?

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    Until now, no, since I already have a registered copy of SuperDuper! that has functioned well until I tried to create the Jaguar restore disk image. However, I have downloaded the information and am trying to process it now. From what I read, so far, however, it appears that CCC does not support disk images in the earlier version used with Jaguar. Do you have experience with that?