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Hey guys,

I just got my new iPad2 and noticed immediately that it is quite difficult to insert the charging cable into the 30 pin dock connector. Well, as it has been stated by other people, the cable leaves some tiny marks on the aluminium body of the iPad2 (on the left and on the right sides inside the dock connector). I had known about it and inserted the cable as carefully as possible.

But now I have also noticed that the black plastic plate with pins inside the dock connector of the iPad2 is slightly dented on one side (maybe the dent was there before). It looks like a tiny bit of a corner is missing. The iPad2 syncs perfectly with my MBP, but I am afraid that the problem will get worse in the future and I will have to replace the dock connector.

Could anyone let me know how your black plastic plate inside the dock connector looks like? Maybe it is just normal...


MBP 15 Alu '10, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    The dock connector is basically a circuit board. Looks like a slightly badly cut circuit board. It doesn't actually pose any technical issues and is pretty much cosmetic (the printed connects are actually a good distance away from the corners of the board).

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    Thanks for your reply! It just bothers me a bit... I hope I am not the only one with this issue...