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my iphone4 won't turn on. i tried connecting it to my pc and also tried charging it. nothing happens. it was working fine for 5 days.
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    I hate to state the obvious but I guess you should probably bring your iPhone to an Apple store.
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    this would be the second time I had to bring my iphone to the center. the 1st one they replaced it because it had no sound. and now this....
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    Go ahead and give it a hard reboot.


    Hard Reboot:

         Hold Sleep/Wake and the Home button until the Apple logo appears and see if that resolves your problem.


    If not, go ahead and schedule an appointment with a Genuis at the Apple Store.

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    Thank you SOOOO much for this post. My very new iPhone4 shut off today for no reason at all and would not turn back on. I was panicking and tried everything I could think of. I obviously did not know about this hard reboot - Thank You Thank You for posting this information - It Worked!

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    Try this first before going to the Apple Store...


    It may Fix your issue...


    Reset of the Phone...


    Turn the Phone Off...


    Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button at the Same Time...


    The Apple logo will Appear and then Disappear...


    Usually takes about 10 - 15 Seconds...


    Turn the Phone On...


    If that does not help... See the Information in these Links:



    1) Device Not Recognised


    For PC





    2) Device Frozen