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So far, I've tried some suggestions found in other postings, but I still can't share some photo libraries between different users on the same computer. I started an account for my son. Sharing was enabled in both iPhoto Apps. I've tried locating the libraries in a Shared folder and putting them in a folder not associated with a user. Opening a port 8770 in the Sharing/Firewall window didn't change anything either. No matter what, when I open my son's iPhoto and try to Add To Library, some libraries will import and others have a circle with a red line next to them. Those will not import and I can't figure out what the difference is between them. Any thoughts?

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    Hi chris,
    these are the links I have for sharing. You might want to try the ACL way.


    Sharing libraries between users on the same local network
    You can also share a library on the same machine between users the same way.
    Sharing libraries between users on the same machine...
    -both users must have sharing enabled in their iPhoto Preferences
    -both users must be logged in and have iPhoto running
    -Remember that you can only view the other library. You can't edit the photos or play the saved slideshows or view the made books or burn them to CD or DVD. The books and slideshows will show up as an album. You can play that album as an "on the fly" slideshow. You can drag images from the sharing library to your library in the source column to import them to your library. You can then edit, add to albums, books, slideshow, etc.
    Sharing links from Apple....

    Sharing your photos between computers
    About shared photos
    Turning off photo sharing
    Looking for shared photos


    You can try one of these three methods:
    1- Use iPhoto Library Manager-the paid version
    The documentation page will give instructions on how it is done.
    2- Sharing one iPhoto library between several users on one machine
    3- Share an iPhoto Library in tiger Using ACL's

    4- I have also read about ShareAlike
    There is no other info on the site about how it works.

    I strongly urge anyone wanting to try any of the methods for sharing one iPhoto Library folder among more than one user to backup all iPhoto Library folders before attemptin anything.


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    Hi Lori,

    Thank you for your suggestions. I downloaded the iPhoto Library Manager (unpaid version), and think that it could be the solution, but some libraries are still blocked. I've allowed sharing in all the libraries and have them located in /Users/Chris/Pictures, but only some will open in my son's account and the others have a red circle overlapping the library's name. Any ideas why that would be?

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    I am not using IPLM right now, so I am not sure. Check out his page on Sharing
    Click on the Sharing link in the left hand column.
    You can also email the author of the program.


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    Have you tried going to the library folder and giving read/write access to everyone who needs to use it and copy to all files inside. I do share a library between two users of the same computer. The only issue is that when new folders are created, they are created with ownership of the one using the app at the time. The other person will not be able to import any pics into that folder. You can always go in and change the ownership later to give access again, but it is a ongoing process.

    I now have a Buffalo Linkstation network drive that handles files differently - there is no ownership for Macs. So I can point either user to it without having to update.
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    I having trying to achieve the same goal but no luck so far. Just a thought, what if the entire iPhoto Library is migrated to the "share folder" under users and point iPhotos of all accounts to the "share".

    Anyone tried this???
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    many have tried it and it might work for awhile, but then the permissions get messed up again. iPhoto is not meant to be shared this way.
    Try the ACL link I posted above.


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    Thanks Lori.

    What a painful process to what appears to be a simple task...
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    I know, but you must remember that iPhoto is not meant to be a central database for all users. It is meant to be a personal database for one user. There are a lot of permission issues that come to play.
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    Hi Lori.

    I followed all of the steps for setting up the sharing Using ACLs putting my wife's library into the shared users folder. When I open iPhoto, I get a message saying, "The main iPhoto Library folder you have selected appears to be locked or on a read-only CD" When I check the folders info, it does not indicate that it is locked. My wife's iPhoto accesses the library fine. Where did I make a mistake?

    Also, when I set up the sharing this way does that mean that my wife and I will have the same slideshows and albums in iPhoto? And is there an easier way to combine our two original libraries other than importing my photos into the now shared library (originally my wife's) using the import command in iPhoto?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi kev dog,
    I can't give you any more info on using ACL's because that is out of my territory. You might want to email the author.
    As far as merging libraries, you can import your photos into your wives library or you can download and pay for iPhoto Library Manager, which can merge libraries. Read the documentation page and all the links in the left column of that page so you know what it can and can't do. The link is in one of my posts above in this thread.