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I installed iTunes and the iPod software and even though I can see the iPod as a "Storage Device", iTunes doesn't list the iPod as a source. There is a specific document on the Apple support website that addresses this problem: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93716

I went step-by-step trying the different things and nothing woked. The last paragraph reads like this:

"If you have tried all the steps in this document, and the linked documents, and iPod is still not being recognized correctly by iTunes or the iPod Updater, then there is likely some other system issue on your computer. This may require you to repair or reinstall Windows. If you need assistance with this, contact whomever supports Windows on your computer. In most cases, this is the maker of the computer."

So basically this is saying that I am screwed. Can anyone help??

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