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I moved the location of my music folders on my computer and now I cannot get itunes to update that info. I cleared all songs from itunes and then went to file > add folder to library > then chose the location of my files. It starts to add the songs to the library then itunes crashes.

I then reinstalled itunes but it still happens. I then decided to break up my library in to alphabetical order, like a folder named AC, in this folder was artists beginning with letters A to C. The reason behind this was because it would add a small amount of folders but not a large amount. I was able to finish this but it was short about 900 songs. When I right clicked my music folder to display the properties it would show 5116 files, but itunes only showed 4200 songs. My ipod says 5063 so roughly 800 songs are missing.

So I removed everything again and am retrying, now it won't even add a couple hundred folders at a time. I'm not sure what happened to cause all of this but I cannot update anything on my ipod until I get it fixed since I may loose all of my stuff.

Windows gives me a trouble report and that said to uninstall quicktime and then go to the control panel and do a repair on itunes. This procedure helped none.

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