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hi can anyone help me i cant add videos to my itunes library anymore. I already converted them to the right format because i had them on my ipod once before and took them off and while they were on my ipod they worked fine. I dont kno why all of a sudden it wont even let me add videos to my library at all. there is no error message either i just hit add file to library and select a video i converted already and it does nothing.

Windows XP
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    I am having almost the exact same problem. I have a list of videos that all work in windows media player (mpeg). I transfer that folder to iTunes and only some of the videos come into the library. The videos that did not transfer successfully are in the exact same format as the other videos and are not corrupt or otherwise unable to be played.

    Then I take some of the videos that did transfer and convert them into ipod compatible format (mpeg-4) and try to transfer them back into itunes. They don't come up either. It is like my iTunes has picked 20 videos that it likes and won't take any more. I even tried deleting those and then putting more videos in, didn't work. Only accepts those twenty videos. I have no idea what the problem is.
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    hi...can any one pleasseee help me... i have some videos on my computer that i allready converted but when i try to add them to iTunes abosolutely nothing happens at all and if anybody knows how to fix this plzzzzz help me plzzz..

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