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Hello everyone,

this evening i installed the protools le 7 upgrade,i restarted my computer and opened logic,(normally people open the application they just installed but i'm addicted to logic
and a message>timeout or timer inactive < appeared.

i have read a few topics about that message in here-(before posting this one)-,and everywhere i thought i could find an answer to this...but nothing that solved it.
i deleted the preferences,the midi prefs,installed again the drivers for the FW410 m-audio interface i'm using.
at the end i had to uninstall pro tools completely from my system for logic to come to life again,without this message and with midi working.

does anybody out there have found an answer to this?pls

<div class="jive-quote">installing pro-tools first and then logic could make that timeout message go back to where it came from?

what can it be that makes that midi conflict?

thanks for reading my post

all the best

powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   logic pro 7.1.1,FW410 m-audio