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A question for all. Is one stuck pixel (in my case, red) enought to warrant returning a 23" Cinema display? I guess another way to ask this is is there anyone out there that has a 23" display with no backlight bleeding issues and no stuck or dead pixels whatsoever? I ask, because it took two returns to get to this point. The first two displays I received through Compusa had serious back light bleeding issues and dead/stuck pixels (one display had four stuck pixels, another had 6 stuck pixels and 1 dead pixel). So now I've got a beautiful display that has no backlight bleed issues....but just one tiny stuck pixel in the middle of the screen that is only visible against a totally black screen. Guess I just am curious if a "perfect display" exists. Anyone ??

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    I got my 23' in June 2005, and it perfect, i ordered it from the Apple store, i was concerned about all the negative feedback.

    I guess i got lucky, 0 dead/stuck pixels and 0 issues.
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    Thanks QK. The one I have now is much better than the first two...but for the money there should really be no defects whatsoever. Anyone else have a "perfect 23"?
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    I do also have a "perfect 23."

    It didn't start out that way, but the issue had nothing to do with pixels. Until someone at the local Apple store would finally listen to me and think a little bit outside the box, the display managed to fry four separate logic boards--three of mine and one belonging to them at the store.

    Through it all though, in the output category, it has performed brilliantly.

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    Hi, I have no issue with dead pixels on my 23" display. Thankfully I have a perfect display of pixels. However, mine has started to develop a persistent fault whereby if I powerdown/restart or put the computer to sleep the display will not power up/wake up. I have to pull the DC plug from the power adapter and reinsert it. Only then the display comes back on and everything's fine. Anyone else have this problem?

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    ive got 5 really nasty stuck pixels on my brand new 23" cinema display. a red one in the middle surrounded by 4 green ones. They're really annoying, and that's why i also want to return it to get another one, but I dont know if it's enough
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    Well, I think my saga has ended. I took my 3rd (that's right, third !) 23" display back to Compusa today with a stuck pixel issue. I asked for my money back and went to the apple store near by me and picked up a 23" there. Figured Compusa might have a batch batch. This one has zero defects. Finally got a good one. For anyone that has backlight bleeding issues, If you hold both sides of the monitor in your hands and flex the aluminum bezel just slightly, you can adjust. Be gentle.

    Fourth time's a charm, I guess. Pretty poor quality control Apple. Tighten things up please !