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Doug Dellis Level 1 (5 points)

I've been using my iMac G5 with no problems for months now, but suddenly I've noticed that the volume controls on my keyboard don't work. Let me explain:

Upon pressing either the "volume up" or "volume down" buttons on the mac keyboard, the semi-transparent volume indicator appears on my screen, and the small white "cubes" indeed go "up and down," but there is no audible feedback, and the volume itself does not change. In short, I'm now forced to use the menubar volume slider to change my volume.

The following should be noted:

1) All of the other keyboard buttons work normally (brightness, expose, etc).

2) I have checked the sound preference pane, and nothing has changed--the preferences were exactly the same as when the buttons were functioning (ie: volume change "feedback" is checked, etc)

3) I recently added a new printer, but that was a month ago, and the volume controls have worked normally after installation for weeks--so that is not the problem.

4) I have repaired disk permissions several times.

5) I have started from the system CD and repaired the disk.

6) I have re-set the PRAM 3 times. Once, the volume control was restored, but it was subsequently lost again, and was unable to be recovered with further PRAM resets.

7) I have not installed/used any new programs and/or software in months.

Can someone please help with this? I know it's not an earth-shattering problem, but the buttons should work, and I've become reliant on them since my iMac purchase.

Thank you in advance!


iMac G5 2ghz, Mac OS X (10.4.3), 512 RAM
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