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I just opened my brand new iPad 2.   The included USB cord does not fit properly into the 30-pin connector dock.   It appears to be the right size but I just couldn't insert it into the dock connector.  So I tried with the iPad camera connector kit I also ordered, and they slid right in. (The 30-pin ends of the camera connectors look the same as that on the USB cord.)  So I asked a friend to try the USB cord, and he - with much effort - finally got into the slot.  But it was very hard to get in and very hard to get back out.  We took a close look at the pin connectors, and it appears there is a slight (very hard to see) gouge in the metal on the cord's connector.  It also looks like there's now a tiny piece of debris inside the iPad's connector port.   (And the camera connectors don't slide in quite as easily as they first did.)   


I am extremely disappointed.  I've never had a bad experience with an Apple product.  But I can't even use my brand new iPad.   It's just sitting in the box.


Did they send me the wrong cable?  Is the connector on the cord faulty? (or the port on the iPad faulty?) 


I opted for the free personalization - so I don't think I can just send it back. 

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