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My understanding is that the charger that comes with the iPad 2 is more powerful and will charge the iPad 2 more quickly than will the charger that comes with the iPhone 4. However, the iPad 2 charger is the same shape as the charger that came with the original iPhone. Does anyone know whether the iPad 2 charger and the original iPhone charger are identical in function? (BTW, my understanding is that the iPad 2 charger will not charge the iPhone 4 faster than that phone's charger will).

iPad 2
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    The chargers are the same 10w USB Adapter.  The charging for iPhone (any) and iPad depend on USB voltage which can provide up to 5.5v meaning the charge time will not be affected.   The iPhone charger provides a slightly lower voltage which is why it cannot charge an iPad.  The new shape iPad 2 charger is most likely an improved design and will stlll output the same USB power. 

    Here in Europe the iPad & iPad2 power adapters are exactly the same.


    I hope that is helpful to you,

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    Ipad charger is more powerful. Iphone charger have less power and will charge ipad very very slow. Usb port on mac also will charge ipad very slow except for newer macbook pros which supply more power on usb and will charge ipad quick enough. You can use ipad charger for iphone but not sure how it will affect speed of charging, i think faster but cannot confirm.

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    Thanks. I'm still not sure, though, of the answer. Are you saying that you know for a fact that the charger for the original iphone, which is identical in appearance to the iPad charger, is of different capacity? The chargers that came with the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 are of a different shape than that which came with the original iPhone. I still have my charger from that original iPhone. Even though it's identical in appearance, I need to be careful to avoid confusing it with the iPad charger? Is that what you're saying, based on actual knowledge of that first iPhone charger's capacity?

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    Thae cables are the same. It is a dock connector to USB. What you plug it into is what matters. Th iPad has a large 10w supply VS the smaller 5w iPhone. Once again no difference in the cable itself.

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    Fanboy is correct. Using the iPhone cable and power supply will work just fine but keep in mind that it will take longer to charge using the iPhone equipment rather than the charger that comes with the iPad.

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    Thanks, but I'm not talking about the cable. I'm talking about the plug that goes into the wall socket. If you look at what comes with the iPad and what comes with the iPhone 4, you'll see that they are different. If you compare the iPad plug with the plug that came with the very first iPhone, you'll see that they're identical in appearance. (I know I'm starting to beat this one to death...)

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    No, they're not the same. I compared mine awhile back and while they're the same shape, the iPad 2 one has writing on it that says "10 W USB Adapter". The one for the original iPhone doesn't have that writing, but if you compare the detailed input-output information, it does show that it is less powerful.


    I believe that's why Apple changed to the two different sizes, so you can quickly determine which are for "phone" type devices and which are for "larger" type devices.


    iPod USB Power Adapter

    Input 100-240V ~ 0.15A (0,15A) 50-60 Hz Output 5V ----- 1A


    10W USB Power Adapter

    Input 100-240V ~ 0.45A (0,45A) 50-60 Hz Output 5.1V ----- 2.1A

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    The standard iPad charger pumps out 5 volts at 2.1 amps (so ~10 watts). The iPhone’s standard compact power adaptor runs at 5V at 1.1 amps (~5 watts). The MacBook Pro USB port is a little more complicated – if you have a newer Intel model, like we used, the port adapts to what you plug into it. Normally, it pumps out 5V at 500 milliamps, but if you plug in something like an iPad and it has the juice to spare, the port becomes a high-powered port, juicing your iPad at 1.1 amps, so roughly the same as the iPhone charger. (Note: All of these adapters are smart and dynamically adjust output, which is why you can plug your iPhone into an iPad charger and it won’t go kablooey.)



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    Just put a sticker or something to distinguish the two. Im pretty sure the iphone charger doesnt output the same 10W as the ipad one does. Anothr idea is flip open the prongs on just one of them to not mix them up.

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    Thank you, Kyn Drake. That's what I was hoping someone could tell me in clear terms.

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    not sure for technical details, but i have charger for ipad 2, iphone 2g, iphone 3g and iphone 4. Only ipad charger charge ipad quickly and it has note on the bottom 10 w. iphone charger do not have this label and charging ipad with iphone's charger is very slow.


    NOTE. i noticed that with firmware update display message on ipad's battery bar changed:

    firmware 4.3.1 - '' not charging'' when ipad connected to iphone charger;

    firmware 4.3.2 -" charging" when Ipad connected to iphone's charge;


    It did not change charging time, ipad's is quick. iphones charger using for ipad is slow.