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For some reason after having migrated to/from a different network setup I am unable to print to a print queue on my Mac mini server. It might also have started with the latest security update. Whatever I do (turn firewalls off/on, recreate printer queues on clients or on the server, choose various methods of sharing (IPP, LPR), nothing works, and what is worse, nothing appears in logs so I can debug.


Printers do not show up in Open DIrectory printer lsts, so at least that is wrong. But I haven't been able to find out how to get them there.


Any helps, recipes, to get things started from scratch?

2010 iMac 27" i7, 2009 MBA SSD, 2010 mini server, NeXTdimension Cube
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    Well, first off, you need to install proper drivers for the printer/printers you are using on the server. Then, on the server System Preferences, I'd say re-add the printers in the Printer & Fax tab. Bonjour should pick up most printers from the network if you have proper drivers. Now, Try printing to the printers from the server. If it works, go ahead and launch your Server Admin


    Go to Print service and Queues. If you have your old one there, maybe you should delete that and Create new Printer Pool. Insert the name for the pool and add the printers into the printer pool, and prefer to use IPP protocol. I have understood that it is the most used. Then hit save, You maybe should restart the print service now. When its running, search your network on the client for the pool you created. At least Bonjour should pick it up.


    Still having problems?

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    Yes, still problems. I can create a printer queue on the server when I choose the USB connection for the printer and I can print locally on the server.


    But "Create Printer Pool..." in Server Admin is permanently greyed out. And the printer is also not in Open DIrectory.


    Just adding the server printer (which can be seen via Bonjour) on the client with the DNS of the server gives the same nonfunctional result. Using the Bonjour name of the printer gives the same.


    I was able to get it running by adding the queue in Server Admin as LPR, no Bonjour. Then on the client I chose IP and chose LPD. It now works again, but I can't say I understand what went wrong before.