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In iMovie, I want to keep the audio, but remove the associated video images and replace them with still images.

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    Select the video clips, go to Advanced and Extract audio.


    You not have the soundtrack in a separate audio track. Delete the video clips - job done!

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    I "detached" the clip.  then under edit I can either "delete entire clip" or "delete selection".  Either one deletes the video and audio.

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    How I do it is to open the video file in Quicktime Player 7. Then go to the Window ➙ Show Movie Properties menu option. 

    QuickTime Player 7003.jpg

    In the Movie Properties window click on the Video Track item at the top and use the Delete button above.


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    Lastly save the resulting .mov file with a new file name, i.e. Save As,  so as to preserve the original.