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Ok the story is this.

I was at a hotel and i was late for whatever i had to do. I was wearing the iwatchz and took a shower. I only noticed that i was wearing the iwatchz after i took the shower. (iwatch=ipod on a watch holder) i was frustrated and tryed to turn it on. Amazingingly it turned on. i took the hair dryer an tried it. It still worked. two hours later i wanted to turn it on and it didn't work. as soon as i got home (two days later) i synced it to the computer. iTunes directly started a repair and restored tthe ipods settings. after all this the ipod still doesnt work. What can i do, please help!!!!!

p.s.: the computer sinced the ipod perfectly with my music, also it apears on itunes and the desktop.

iPod nano, Mac OS X (10.6.7), iPod nano newest generation