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When I first started using Aperture 3, I elected to have my existing iPhoto pics as referenced, rather than managed files.


I recently replaced my hard drive (for a bigger one to hold all those photos...). Now I find that whenever I click on a referenced photo, I get the error message:


Versions with unavailable master files cannot be exported. The selected master image is either offline or not found. Please reconnect it and try again.


I understand I can go do File>Locate Referenced Files.


Given that they haven't been moved from their original location (I assume within the iPhoto library), is there a way to automatically re-associate all of them? I've got about 10,000 photos like this now and can't possibly track them down one by one.


In the dialog window that pops up, the lower box is where you point to the original files. I can select "iphoto library" but don't see any way to do this easily for a lot of photos. Am I missing something?



MacBook Pro 15" (late 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.4)