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Is there any potential danger connecting my my late-2010 MacBook air to a greater-than 45-watt Magsafe power adapter?  eg, could the battery get charged more quickly then it's expecting and therefore possibly shorten its life (as can happen with some battery technologies)?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MagSafe reads: "Though the 60 W MacBook and 85 W MacBook Pro MagSafe connectors are identical, Apple recommends using only the adapter provided with the machine."


If there is no danger, and the 45, 60, and 85 watt MagSafe adapters are all the same physical size, then why not always by the larger adapter (and therefore be more-potentially compatible with any other MacBook I might use/own in the future)?


To note: a representative at an Apple Store told me it was fine to hook up my brand-new MacBook Air to adapter they had at one of the "workstation" tables in the store.  Now I'm regretting that.  If said adapter is a higher-power one (working to find that out), then am concerned my new MBA might have experienced unnecessary "battery wear."


Maybe there's a FAQ that addresses this topic?

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