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gwforeman Level 2 (410 points)

I kind of liked the old Forum format better, but I will adapt.  My quesion is, is there a way to stay logged in?  I have to constantly log in.  I don't see s checkbox to stay logged in.

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  • QuickTimeKirk Level 9 (52,237 points)

    You'll stay logged in until you quit the browser.

    Once you quit the browser you'll need to log in again.

  • lkrupp Level 4 (3,965 points)

    For some reason Apple has chosen to operate the forums this way. If you quit your browser you will have to login again when you revisit the forums. The new forums seem to be the same. Looks like a cookie is not being used to automatically login. Anyway it's on purpose. Apple can make it otherwise of they so choose.