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My 3GS screen flicking on opening apps after i update iOS to 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 !

iPhone 3GS, Other OS, iOS 4.3.2
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    What do you mean by "Flicking"?


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    I Mean : Screen Stammer or Sticking for a less than a 1 secound on apps openning .

  • xboxbmliphone Level 1 (45 points)

    I had the same thing with my previous 3gs with 4.3.1 on it...I had an unrelated issue. I took it to Apple store still under warranty. They replaced it. The new one had 4.2.1 on it. I told her to leave it as is thank you!  I've stated it before. I will never update again until someone proves they have fixed this problem! I was hoping that it had been fixed with 4.3.2, but I guess not?

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    Also there is problem and flicking on keyboard typing in safari and searching the contact !

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    Hey there! Did you try doing a restore, and setup as a new phone, and NOT from backup? When I update, I do the regular Update first. Sometimes, Backups in iTunes can get corrupted. If I have these types of issues, I then do a Restore and then setup as a new phone, and NOT from a Backup. You have to make sure you have everything you want backed up/copied off the phone to somewhere before you do it! I sync my contacts, calendar, notes with Outlook almost constantly. I have all my music and apps synced in iTunes. I have copied all my pics and vids I've taken with the phone down to my pc to my Pictures and Video folder. So I could totally mess this phone up, or even lose it, and still have everything! Anyway, if you have all this ready to go, try the Restore button in iTunes. Let it do it's thing. When it's done, it will ask if you want to Restore from a Backup, or setup as a new phone. Setup as a new phone. You'll have to sync everything back. I would just get your contacts, calendar stuff back, and maybe use it for a day or 2 before puting anything else back on, just to see if there is a weird process or 3rd party app hanging up something...I'm really interested in seeing if you can do this restore as new phone, without syncing ANYTHING on it yet, then go ahead and operate it for a bit,  just to see if just the native apps have that problem! (I would turn off the usual-Spotlight Search, Locations services, Ping, etc.) Then, if you find that it works just fine without any other data on it, then sync back 1 thing at a time, and operate it after every sync, to see if you can pinpoint what is causing it. If you've done all this all ready, I guess I'm just wasting space here....so let me know. I'm REALLY interested in how you make out with this. I'd really like to update from the 4.2.1, but I won't until I get a lot of confirmation from others, as I've all ready stated, I've all ready been on 4.3 and 4.3.1, and had this problem. I don't want it again if I can avoid it. Thanks!

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    I had the same problem after updating. I restored my phone and it works now.

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    Again , I restored my iphone to new 4.3.2 BUT as a NEW PHONE not from backup and problem solved .


    Thanks for all friends .

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    Excuse me,

    Correct answer is from "xboxbmliphone" not form "thesarcher" .

    How can i edit that ?

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    Good question! LOL....I have no idea....I've never had to do something like that yet....Did you mark that? I just thought the moderator or someone would mark things like that...The forums here just changed over to new formats, so not sure how it all operates yet...Sorry...It would help me in those points that the site is counting up...but really, I'm just interested in helping folks out...Glad you're ok now..