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In the old discussion world, one could identify the date range for searches (past week, past 30 days, past 90 days, this year, last year, etc.) (I won't comment on the silliness of "last year" including everything in this year as well as last year, but...)


How do I search for very recent messages in this Brave New World?  And exclude old ones?  A search I just did began with a 2007 thread, then a 2010, 2011, 2008, etc.  All a kilter, out of order.


Also, how do I search in a particular category?  IIRC, that was also settable in the old days; now one searches everything!



Aesthetic observations


While the new format is more attractive, has anyone from Apple looked at how big the TITLE OF A DISCUSSION IS?  If one makes it an aesthetically decent size, the toolbar for the message scrunches together!  Alternatively, increase font size to make the toolbar look OK (readable) and the TITLE IS HUMONGOUS!


Plus, on the main page, the popular tags take up too much room.   (I didn't even realize that there were messages below!  I thought my search came up empty!)  Also, # of messages to display and other controls are also scrunched or cut off  (and changing font size doesn't change that!!).


Hope they have fun fixing all this!