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In brief: Aperture 3 doesn't see most of the photos that are in my iPhone camera roll.  Thus, I can't import them.  Help!


I have an iPhone 4.  I snapped a few photos and I see them in my camera roll.  When I plug the iPhone into my Mac via the usb connector, it syncs as it should.  But when I go into Aperture 3 and try to import the photos, only one shows up.  While searching for a solution this morning, I found a question about this problem asked 2 years ago here in the forums, but the solution no longer works.  Back then, the solution was to open Image Capture and press Command B to browse devices, then un-check your iPhone.  Then re-check it again.  Well, "Command+B" no longer works in Image Capture.  My Mac is running the latest version of Snow Leopard and my iOS is running the latest update (from this week) as well.  Any idea what's going on here or how I can fix it?

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