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Bob Jacobson Level 1 (115 points)

This is another example of that new breed of designer, the "interaction" designer, breaking what was fixed.


The Apple Forums worked fine.  Easy to use, comfortable to navigate, friendly among the participants.


Now we have this redesign foisted on us.  It's reminiscent of another bogus effort at "improving" things, Skype 5.0 for the Mac which lost Skype about 3/4 of its Mac users. I never use 5.0.


These Communities are not that awful, but the HUGE type everywhere and all the community "features" make me think of Facebook for the iPhone.


C'mon, give us users a break!  Put the designers to work fixing things that need fixing, not adapting trendy "designs" to useful online features that will be seen to be passé within a very short time.  Thank you.