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  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,715 points)

    Sorry didn't realize you were referring to use with an iPad.


    Just realized that users equipment isn't listed in the post anywhere. That would be nice.

  • Saxman Level 2 (175 points)

    Personally, I can't stand this new & "improved" layout! I can't find anything, I mean come on, I put in MAIL, in the search window, and NOTHING came up??? This makes no sense, & I don't even know where to go or how to post a simple question, something that would've taken me about 60 seconds to accomplish. I think Apple has fallen prey to the "let's make everything a social networking site" syndrome. Sheesh, this is just supposed to be a place to come to learn, and to help resolve questions we need answering, not a place to hang out, and so a few hard-core "helpers" can get lots of "points" & other goodies!


    How about a layout that doesn't require reading even more instructions, to do what was completely intuitive before? If it ain't broke don't fix it, well it's broke now, thanks Apple, first the on board Help feature offered less & less help over the years, now this mess.......

  • alderud Level 1 (50 points)

    So, just out of curiosity, what countries would you classify as having native English speakers?

  • alderud Level 1 (50 points)

    If you use the "advanced editor" you can choose to include the equipment.

  • Patrizia Franchini Level 1 (35 points)

    I don't see important changes.... I still ask a question, somebody, hopefully, answers, I receive an email that prevents me, I can give "stars" to people who helped.

    So why this change?


    NB: a homepage with the interesting discussions?????? That's useless. Everything can be interesting, but you need it only when you have a problem and you don't need it after you solved the problem. Just a complication.

  • jaxjason Level 4 (3,535 points)

    Advanced on iPad does show products, but you can only include one item for each post. Not the long string before that had computer,iPad, iPhone etc... I tried to play by their rules and split them into products, but now it looks like a mistake.


    Oh, next con of the new system. No ability to have a summary email sent. My wife asked why we had a dozen emails from apple today. Her iPad was singing every half hour or so. So I had to turn off emails completely for now.


    Oh well


  • Sandra Foster Level 4 (1,475 points)

    Jason, I was a little frustrated about that, too, so I came up with a workaround. I listed everything in one "product" and made that my default. Now it appears if I use the advanced editor. Still, there's a limit to how many characters they allow, so you have to use some judgment about what to include and what to omit. HTH.

  • jaxjason Level 4 (3,535 points)

    thats what i had previously, and i followed what it looked like they wanted, listing each one out, assuming it had been thought out. then i went to select a few and they were radio buttons not check boxes. thanks for the workaround



  • Mr Endo Level 4 (1,005 points)

    Wow, so now I have to take an extra step to include the basic info that should be in every post?  Thanks, Alderud for finding that out.  Shame on Apple for removing the tag that could have the most importnat information in the post!



  • Asatoran Level 4 (2,525 points)

    Things I think need to be brought back:

    1. name of the OP in the listings
    2. name of the last person to respond
    3. location of the poster (the answer to an iPhone question coming from the UK, for example, would be different from that of one coming from the US)

    Definitely agree with the first two.  Sometimes there are members with a "history" that I don't want to get entangled with.  Seeing the name, I can the choose to ignore the thread, rather than have to read the thread first.


    I agree with 3) for the same reason.  That way I don't start responding only to be told that it's a different country.

    4. the date the poster joined the forum/community


    And, yes, I know I can get the last two bits of information from the profile page. But why do I want to navigate away from the question, find the information, and then navigate back to the question? A quick glance at the information on the question page should be all that is necessary.


    That and the number of posts by that person, helps to clue me in to trolls.

  • PaddyD Level 1 (85 points)

    I'm not a fan either, for all the reasons already listed.


    In the Community listing of topics, PLEASE add the number of responses (vital!) and the number of views (not so important). I do NOT want to have to click on each topic to get that info - it should be displayed with the topic question/title.

  • PaddyD Level 1 (85 points)

    And let us edit our posts for longer than 15 minutes!!


    I see now that the personalized view does give the number of responses etc. to questions in a community. But I would like that for all the views - I'm not going to add every community I think I might be interested in to my personalized view.


    And I still really don't like the fact that so little is actually visible in each view. I get that it's all to cater to the iPad and iPhone users out there - but are the rest of us who use full-size Macs with 24" or 27" monitors chickenfeed these days? Guess so...

  • Rich Rydalch Level 2 (300 points)

    Is there no way to mark a post as answered in this new version?

    And will all my posts stay in "My Stuff" forever?

    I'd like to get rid of the old answered ones.

  • Steve Cooper Level 2 (165 points)

    Agree absolutely about the huge amount of 'white space' and the very large font. This is a highly uneconomic use of available space and makes scrolling through postings an unpleasant process.

  • Michael Wasley Level 5 (6,805 points)

    Steve Cooper wrote:


    Agree absolutely about the huge amount of 'white space' and the very large font. This is a highly uneconomic use of available space and makes scrolling through postings an unpleasant process.

    I completely agree. Everything involves scrolling.