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I got this new flash drive. It's a generic brand. The first thing I did was plugged it into my iMac, saved a few files, and renamed the drive. However, when I plug it into a PC, essentiallly any version of Windows, it won't show up. On Windows XP, it'll try to recognize it when I first put it into the port, then it'll say that it failed to recognize it. After that, it just won't bother with it anymore. On Windows 7 Ultimate, it does nothing. Haven't tried Vista.

I thought that it was a problem with the Windows OS, so I tried looking for the drive in Disk Management. It just doesn't show up at all, anywhere. Plugging it into a Windows is like doing nothing.

It works perfectly fine on Mac, it reads, writes, copies, everything. So I reformatted the drive with Disk Utility using FAT32, even partitioned it, all MS-DOS. I actually did this several times and tried plugging it into both the XP and 7, but still nothing happens. I just don't understand what could possibly be wrong with it.

I saw reviews on it and every single person says they have had no problem with it on their PC. One even said it works just fine between PC and Mac.

Is mine just defective or is there something I haven't done?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)