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  • vkbs Level 1 Level 1

    ical takes the first account mentionned in the settings/accounts. It's sorted alphabetically. I just renamed the account which I wanted as default so it was first in the order.

  • Mitra Earth Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem, but in my case the solution was to log into icloud and drag the calender to the BOTTOM not the TOP as suggested in other posts. (inconvenient of course)


    Its a bug obviously, since OSX-preferences has a place to define the default calender, but equally obviously noone from Apple monitors these forums or anywhere else you could report a bug :-(

  • hallpower Level 1 Level 1



    Same problem.

    I only have one Exchange and two Google Calendars setup.

    Renamed the Exchange to appear first in Settings.

    Defined the Exchange Calendar as Default.

    None of these calendars appear online in iCloud, so I couldn't change any preferences there.


    When I click on an ICS file in my Exchange mail account, it opens the invite in Calendar using my Google Account. When I right-click the event, I can only move it to the second Google account. When I drag the event to my Exchange calendar, the event is duplicated in Exchange (without the Accept/Reject options). From there, if I try to delete the original Google invite, I'm asked if I'm sure I want to decline the event.




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    Didn't solve for me using iCloud. After a long time of searching plists, settings, etc. I finally found that when I reordered my calendars on iCloud, then the meeting invite would be created in different calendars.  Strangely I found that the "default" meeting invite calendar (when receiving an invite attachment via email) is stuck to go to the 3rd position on my calendar list in iCloud. Whichever calendar was third down on the list, would get the meeting.  I played around for a long time reordering them, hoping it would clear out some bad setting, and hoping it would adhere to either the default calendar setting or the alphabetical rule or the first in the list rule...but in the end, I just put the calendar I wanted as the default meeting invite recipient in the 3rd slot.

  • seb100 Level 1 Level 1

    when having all calendars in icloud, running ML, moving the desired calendar to the BOTTOM of the list in icloud solved my problem. thanks!

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    I have same issue - Exchange work calendar invites are automatically accepted from mail.

    My exchange work calendar is NOT iCal, so there is no way to move it to the top of the list.


    The ONLY workaround I've found is to accept them from iOS device (they work perfectly, and update appropriately). 


    I changed the setting in mail to "Add invitations to Calendar", set to 'never'.

    As long as Calendar has the exchange account set to refresh, they will show up (changes too).


    Crappy workaround - CMON Apple.  Fix this, please!!!!!!

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    I'm having the same issue - when I accept an Exchange invitation in Mail, a duplicate event is created in my Gmail account in Calendar.


    I've filed a bug report with Apple (#: 17434464).  If any of you have the same issue, please file a bug report at - contrary to popular belief, every single one of these reports is read.  The more they get, they more likely an issue will be fixed.  Forums are not the best way to report bugs, other than to verify that others have the same issue.  I reported the issue under 'Mail' as opposed to 'Calendar' because it appears that's where the issue is.


    Good luck!

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    Hello, having the same problem.  Invites going to a shared google calendar with no way to move them.  I reported to Apple as a bug.  Amazing that this has been an issue for people for 3 years!

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    Somehow this is still not fixed. Although default calendar is set to Exchange, we invites are added to the first iCloud calendar. I can reorder iCloud calendars. iCal always takes the first iCloud calendar, but ever the exchange.


    If I go a step further, I can also disable all iCloud calendars. If I double click add a new calendar invite, nothing happens!


    But at least there is a workaround with OS X 10.10. I can add a new invite to iCloud and move it to exchange. That was not possible with 10.9.

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    Same issue here. I have an Exchange account that i use as my primary work (email & calendar) account and I have a Gmail (calendar only) account. When i receive an ics file in my email, right click and open in Calendar it defaults to my Gmail account. I've gone through all of the suggestions in this thread and still have the same issue.


    I have found a simple workaround though which seems to work well. I also have an iPad and also use that for my Exchange email and calendar. It appears that when you click on the ics file in mail on the iPad and click on the link Add To Calendar it gives you an option which calendar you want to add it to.. You need to have calendars deactivated from your iCloud settings on your iPad as well.


    Its not ideal but the only other approach that I found (on my Mac) was to disable the Gmail calendar before clicking on the ics file which was a royal pain.


    Eagerly awaiting Apples response.

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Open iCal (or Calendar) Preferences, go to the General Tab and choose your default calendar (the one you want to be)

    Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.55.01.png

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    If that would be so easy, we would not discuss that in a thread. The problem starts, if you have more than just local or iCloud calendars. It is basically a problem with Exchange account. As I wrote before, it does not work if disable all calendars, but not exchange. You will not be able to add a new event from a .ics file.

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    I don't have any Exchange calendars (thankfully!) but am having the same issue.  The scenario is:


    1) I have one "on my Mac" calendar that I use because there are many reminders I only really need when at the home iMac; otherwise my phone is popping up annoying reminders when my Mac is already doing that (and if Apple had more "sleep" options I wouldn't even have to do this!).

    2) In Mail, default calendar is "Work" (in iCloud)

    3) Creating new invitations from iCal work fine: they go to "Work" calendar. 

    4) Any invitations auto-accepted by Mail, however, go to the On My Mac.  Thus the suggestion of ordering the calendars won't work unless I can get "on my Mac" below the set of iCal calendars.


    So if there's a way to move "on my Mac" DOWN I guess that would fix it.  But really,  a default calendar is a default calendar: why would incoming Mail ICS invitations not use it??

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    This works for me and is much more comfortable: If you have multiple calendars set up in Apple’s iCal application and you receive an invite from a friend, family member or client, you can easily decide which calendar you want the invite to be placed in. Simply hold down the Accept button, rather than just clicking on it, to get a pop-up menu which allows you to choose which iCal calendar it should be placed in.


    (Original source:

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    This isn't a good solution. I don't want all invites to go into the same calendar. I want invitations I receive in my exchange email (work email) to go into the exchange calendar in "iCal", and I want invitations that I receive on my personal email (Gmail account) to go into my personal calendar (also in iCal). Seems a bit pointless for iCal to allow for multiple calendars if it forces everything into only on of them.


    This is also painful, because if I move the event form one calendar to the other, it sends a cancellation notice to the person, and a new invitation. This becomes very unprofessional for work. (Because all events are currently defaulting to the personal calendar).