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Why oh why when Apple are trying to push in the UK the Apple TV, iTunes store and streaming, not release Tron in HD ?  I know people are going to respond that its down to the studio etc etc but it is available in other iTunes country stores!!!!


Surely with the buying power of Apple they can push for HD content to be released in ALL markets ?  We hardly get any HD film content, be it renting or purchasing.



Starting to use my Apple TV 2 less and less ! Might just bite the bullet and make the move to Blu Ray

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    Anyone know why?

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    We're all just your fellow users here and have no more insight into Apple's agreements with the content users than you do. Anything anyone here could say would be just a guess, and your guess is probably as good as ours would be. Note, though, that what's available in one country will have little or no relation to what is available in another country since the rights are usually held by completely different entities, each of which will require separate agreements and have differing agendas.



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    Cheers for the reply, just trying to get a feel for it as it's ludacris to me to push streaming and not offer a challenge to Blu Ray.  Would have thought that having the number one digital store in the world would have some sway on these matters