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I'm currently using an 24" iMac 8,1 for everything except for an ESRI ArcGIS Geographic Information System which runs on Windows XP.

Now ESRI has upgraded their software and I plan on getting a new souped up 27" iMac with parallels to run Windows 7 and ArcGIS so that I will not have to mess with a PC anymore. (my old one has crashed a lot running the GIS and I've had to restore factory settings a number of times to repair persistent glitchs.)

ArcGIS often requires running multiple windows at once: ArcMap, database tables, toolboxes and ArcCatalog.  I was hoping that there's a way to connect the new iMac to the old iMac to form a single desktop on the 2 screens for all of those windows. Being able to run iTunes on my old iMac simultaneously would be a real plus!



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)