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polydorus Level 6 (11,960 points)

I was experimenting with the watch user widget and you have to select a user from a list of users based on a search.

The problem is that spaces are not respected in the search so that you can't easily set up a watch on a user name with spaces.


Two examples that I tried were b noir and katrina s.

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    I actually just set up my watch user for you, p, saw your post title and wondered if you were looking for me. I have the same sort of trouble.


    My workaround for this (and also constraining discussions search on my posts) is to not refer to the drop down list. Instead, I click the wee blue "Select People" link next to the field. In the Username Lookup thingy that comes up, I type b noir into the Username field, and then click Lookup. That'll bring me up.


    I agree it's not easy. Took me quite a while to work out the procedure.

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    Ah, I am clueless, I didn't realize that select people was a clickable option.


    I am finding the new system very strange and not very convenient.

    I particularly hate the spell checker, my in browser spell checker is much better at providing relevant suggestions and works as I type. Shame it doesn't work in the editor.

    It does work in the html editor, but who wants to use that for general editing.

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    I didn't realize that select people was a clickable option.

    Snap. I think my breakthrough with this was accidentally clicking it.