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    My daughter put our iPad 2 down yesterday and must have dropped the corner she was holding from a height of maybe 2 inches. Now there is a small spider crack in the top-left corner and a crack right across the screen down towards the bottom right hand corner. There are no apple stores near me (Atlantic Canada), who do I call to try to get a repair?  My daughter was heartbroken when it happened, it had the smart cover on but I guess it was dropped at just the wrong spot :(  Any help appreciated.   Mat

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    1800-m y a p p l e



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    1-800-275-2273 (1-800-APL-CARE) can set this up for a repair for you.

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    im in tears when i read this, cause i got a dent in one of my pad's corner but the machine worked just as great as it did before i accidentally dropped it on the floor. one month later the machine wouldnt charge, gets a 'u should charge' sign on the screen but it doesnt connect. The man in the shop said it couldnt be fixed because of the dent so im here with no iPad cause i cant afford to buy a new one/repair..... this is upsetting, cause this shows how big the differences are from store to store Im so glad u and all u other guys got new ones but at the same time it kinda hurts too.....

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    Something similar happened to me a week ago, while I was in Germany. Same story, they hand me a brand new one! Wonderful customer service. I owned an iPhone, iPad, iPad, Mabook, I just couldn't be happier with Apple!


    Great work!

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    wow, is norway that horrible at helping their customers compared to other countries???? Its imbarassing... I complained and they are going to look at it again, so im waiting for the answer now. SO glad i didnt buy any of the stuff i planned on yet, like keyboard, cardreader and all kinds of goodies. Il never use apple again if this comes down to being treated like **** by some of the workers when lots and lots of people get new products when they break theirs...

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    These stories just upset me.  For the past three years I have been buying everything Apple.  I replaced two PC's with two iMacs and got a Mac Mini for the kids.  I went WiFi with 3 Airport Extreme Routers set up to extened network throughout my pre-Ethernet-wiring home.  I bought Apple TV1 and Apple TV2.  I got an iPod touch 2g, and 2 x iPhone 3GS for me and my wife. I bought the first iPad, sold it one year later and bought the iPad 2.  Recently we upgraded to iPhone 4S for both me and my wife.  Being the tech wizard in the family I have also recommended Apple products to family members and to many friends at church.  I even call AppleCare support to point out fixes to problems I find with Mac OSX when they can't solve it and I track down the solution so they can share that with others.  Yet, I can say that unless my Apple product was under warranty I have never been offered any sort of free repair or replacement. 


    My mother in law dropped her out-of-warranty iPhone 3G in water and got a new one for free, but when my 3GS had the GPS give out they wanted $150 to replace the 22-month old phone.  Recently my iPad 2 slipped out of my hand while in its case and the corner is now dented and slightly sharp with the corner glass raised just enough to let dust in under the glass.  I went to the genius bar to find out my repair options and learned it would cost $419 (half the price of my iPad 2) for Apple to take my old one and replace it.   Even though Apple would simply refurb my iPad 2 and sell it for $780 on their online store.


    So sure it's wonderful that some of you folks get special treatment, but don't tout Apple's customer service as if this is always the case.  This clearly an exception and it's one that very few get - even some of Apple's best customers like myself don't get this kind of special treatment. Folks should not read these stories and expect this kind of treatment.  Look to AppleCare+ or SquareTrade warranties if you expect this kind of service.

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    As an update to this I want to share something.  First off, Apple just dropped their refurbished iPad 2 pricing by $50 per model.  Secondly, Apple replaces an iPhone 4S (any model) for $200 with trade-in to refurbish.  I've also seen Apple fix the iPhone 4/4S glass for $30 for a customer behind me in line at the genius bar (which is more than reasonable).  I brought this to Apple's attention by calling AppleCare support and talking to a supervisor.  My basic question was "why was Apple profiting off the misfortune of their customers when they break something"?  Considering they get $420 from the trade-in of a top-model iPad 2 which they refurbish and then sell for $780 (now $730 after price drop) that totalled $1200 for the iPad 2 replacement.  Apple of course makes a huge profit on the original $830 price tag on the top-model iPad 2, so at $1200 they are definitely covering their refurbish costs and making a hefty profit (mine required a part that retails at $120, so cost is probably around $60 plus labor).


    It seems the iPhone model of $200 replacements is meant to be fair, while the iPad model is meant to be exorbitant.  The suprvisor agreed with me and created a case number that would be forwarded to the right people at Apple and reviewed.


    On the phone call I explicitly pointed out that I felt making exceptions was not the right policy and that what customers simply wanted was a fair repair/replacement price since Apple cannot be responsible for folks dropping their stuff and breaking it.  Those who complain the most should not get special treatment.  I told him that $200 seemed to be a fair replacement price given what they do for iPhone and since iPhone 4S costs as much as an iPad 2 off-contract.  The supervisor then said he would try to make things right by replacing my iPad 2.  I said "for $200?" and he responded "at no cost to you".  This floored me.  I did not deserve a free replacement.  I broke the device, not Apple.  But the supervisor said it was the only thing in his power to do and he wanted to make things right.  I was not going to turn down a free replacement.  But my real hope is that going forward we have some decent repair/replace options for iPads just like we do for iPhones.  I'm hoping some things I said make sense to those that create the repair/replace policy.  I am hoping this because I plan to buy more iPads in the years to come and I imagine I may drop one of them as well.


    I also stand by the statement that those who want free/cheap replacements for accidental damage should look into AppleCare+ (for iPhone) and SquareTrade for everything else.  My case is by no means the norm, but I am hoping that in the future Apple provides repair terms for iPad that are more reasonable so up-front warranties or talking to supervisors are not the only option.


    I appreciate what Apple did to make things right in this case.  I hope they make things right in the long term for everybody.

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    My expirience at Menlo Park Apple store - with my iPad(3rd Gen)


    Location: Menlo Park Apple Store, New Jersey


    Exprience Date: May 8th, 2012


    Issue Desc:

    Ordered my iPad (3rd Gen) thru on March 10th, received on March 16th (delighted !).

    But on May 7th, noticed a gap near the front camera area between the glass and plastic/ rubber casing


    How it went !


    Set up appointment with genius bar at 8:45 pm on 5/8.

    Walked in to the store at 8:40 pm & checked in .


    Waiting anxiously for next steps...!..a bit worried too


    After 10 minutes, the apple genius bar rep. took a brief look the issue - quickly acknowledged the issue and advised to replace it with a brand new device....

    At that point, I was clearly appreciative of Apple's commitment for customer satisfaction !!.

    How often do you expeirence such a commited support ?!...nice hah ?!


    My replacement device did NOT come in the magic box packaging, it was just a brown box - but the genius bar rep. assured me that it was a  brand new iPad ( I take her word for it).


    She then set up my Apple account on the replaced device, transferred my AT&T LTE account to the new iPad

    Lastly, she wiped the data/ emails , etc on the old devivce....(apparently it a apple policy to wipe out all retiurned devices...sure , makes sense).


    BTW, the new replaced iPad device Serial # starts with DY.....



    Thank you.

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