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Just look at how big the thread is on the iPad 2 signifiacant light bleed problem... I mean we got people that think this is going to be fixed sometime soon and apple after a month going on two is still shipping out faulty iPad 2 screens??? I am a victim but I love these apple products, not a fan of Mac but the ipod, iPad, and iphone are like a life line for me. It honestly amazes me that they would F-up two years in a row, 1st being Antenna Gate and now the iPad 2 screen. Who in the world are they hiring for Quality Control checks before these things launch and how are they passing? I'm sure I will get people on here to agree and some to disagree with my comments but no one can disagree that there is a fact something wrong with this iPad 2 hardware and that the money we pay for these things should be entitled to a fix/solution ASAP. So come on Apple let's straighten this out so I can look forward to the next launch and not have to worry about getting another faulty device and having to come up with excuses to my friends and fam as to why you are still the best company to buy from when it comes to these kinds of Amazing electronics!



iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2